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Q-200 Launch System V2 Available

Q-200 Launch Line System V2 - Safety and Efficiency Combined.

The Q-200 airframe, the workhorse of the QuestUAV fleet now flies with an upgraded launch line system. The system improves upon the original launch line in several ways, bringing more efficient and safer launches to flight crews for every mission.

Line Launched UAV

The Q-200 is a 2m wingspan UAV that launches via an extending bungee line.

                                     Q-200 Surveyor Pro Launch Q-200 Surveyor Pro Launch Diagram


-Dual Ground/Air launch trigger

Seamless transfer of launch power from line to prop.

-70% shorter line length

With a much-reduced line length, the launch area required is considerably smaller - opening up more options for launch site selection when flying missions.

-Raised Anchor Point

The new setup includes a static tripod guide which raises the line well above the final anchor point - keeping the launch profile well about Foreign object Debris (FoD) levels. The new higher end-point flattens the launch line angle which improves the UAV's launch trajectory.

-Double the power delivery

With the improved line materials, the power transferred to the UAV during launch is doubled, giving the UAV motor a head-start and saving launch battery power.

-Accurate Launch Trigger

-Static tripod guide

raises the launch above Foreign Object Debris (FoD) levels and optimises the launch trajectory.

-50% more efficient.

-Well specified for the entire fleet of sensor mounts.

The new launch system is capable of launching UAVs weighing up to 6kg - well in excess of QuestUAV's current line-up.

-Zero wind and cross wind capable

No power on until 2m from operator (safety)

Still packs down to 30x20

ZERO failed launches with the new line.

Passed the stringent safety standards for the world's mining community.

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