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CSR Conference Dec 2017

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A Newcastle based initiative is pulling together best practice methods for the use of Drones in Search and Rescue and in particular the Search and identification of lost people.

The Centre For Search and Rescue, (CSR), a Newcastle University based charity, has been focusing on the use of drones in SAR and has discovered a lack of connectivity between agencies using drones.

QuestUAV has been involved, along with many emergency agencies such as the Police, Coastguard, Mountain Rescue, drone manufacturers, US Rangers and Icelandic Snow Patrols, to learn how to understand how each other is using their Drone technology.

Earlier this year, CSR, QuestUAV and a number of SAR agencies pulled together on a Northumberland based exercise to help evaluate the scope of drones vs other search methods ( foot, dogs, manned aircraft etc). The outcome was positive and this article heralds the next step; finding out how other agencies are managing the various challenges that come with the integration of drones in the world of the first responder, MRT and SAR teams.

CSR hopes to engage in a significant piece of research that will make a real difference to the lives of First Responders and in return to the benefit of those person in distress that need Emergency Services assistance. 

CSR has quickly found that there is a lot of experience from current drone users out there, as well as many newcomers who are lost themselves as the best way to go when it comes to drone integration onto a team.  It is clear that a drone is another asset in the toolbox of an emergency team and it should not be seen as a panacea to other methods of searching.   

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To read the Drone Exercise report click here

To visit the CSR website click here.


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