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"The course gave us a very good introduction to the flight planning, checks and the security related to the QuestUAV. Most of the time was allocated to actual flight training in the field which worked out very well to both pilot and commander to be more comfortable with UAV and the base station respectively. During all sessions there was focus on communication and team work between the pilot and the commander. I think the course has given us a very good base for operating the QuestUAV at ourselves. Last but not least, I think the QuestUAV staff have been very helpful to help us through the course."

Rasmus Jensen

"QuestUAV provided the flexibility in terms of cameras and instrumentation that we were after to obtain high quality spectral data for our research. During the three days training course the dedicated staff at QuestUAV provided us with the qualifications to operate and control a UAV. Processing of test data was done under instruction by competent staff. I was impressed with the performance of the UAV as well as with the logic and functionality of the software."

Thomas Friborg

"Fantastic with all the hands-on training. New tasks came with a proper speed. Nice staff. Felt both safe and challenged in the field, Quest adapted to our needs and wishes."

Helene Hoffmann Munk Nielsen

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