University of Cologn Training

"The flight training fully met my expectations. Teaching was hands on with lots of flying from dependence to full independence. We got customised advice on flight planning for our planned research in the Atacama Desert. The spirit of the company was very cheerful and we were warmly received by the active crew and we felt very much at home. We are leaving amble with confidence to achieve our goals with our new QuestUAV."

Prof. Dr. Tibor Dunai

"I came to QuestUAV to learn everything about our ordered QuestUAV 300. We learnt very much about the software to prepare the flights and to work with the taking pictures. We also learnt how to prepare and fly in the field I was really happy to go here. The people of the company are very familiar and helped us very much. We learnt very much and I’m looking forward to using our new skills. It was the best idea coming here to learn it is very nice and effective. It was a good time."

Andreas Vogt

"So first of all flying with a UAVwas my first and an impressive experience with flying plances on my own. The QuestUAV training was very serious familiar and interesting with special focus on how the UAV acts as an airplane when confronted with wind, mission aims and changing circumstances. Furthermore, easy and understanding flight planning and training was very perfect and easy to apply on our own mission. The results from the mission are amazing and we are looking forward to make our own pictures and DEMs in the Atacama desert, Chile.

Thanks to the whole QuestUAV team for a familiar and interesting training and the possibility to now use the UAV. Great experience!"

Benedikt Ritter

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