SkEye BV Testimonial |  SkEye BV Training

SkEye BV Testimonial

"The training was really clear and we were lucky with the weather. It was a good sunny day with some wind, ideal for training with the UAV."

"The flying was much easier than expected! We did a lot of different training and that was perfect to learn as much as possible. I was really happy with the fact that if you asked something you always got an answer. This was helpful as I am new to the UAV flying business.Thanks for everything,"


"The training at QuestUAV is very thorough and detailed. I was impressed at the level of completeness of all the documentation and checklists. Out of all the UAVs that we operate and received training for, this was by far the best one. We are very confident after the training that we can operate our new Quest 300 safely in challenging conditions."

Pieter Franklin

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