Marine Science Support Ltd Testimonial |  MSS Fieldwork

"We have been both customers and subcontractors of QuestUAV over the last few years and have always found QuestUAV to be exceptionally knowledgeable and approachable. The QuestUAV team are constantly developing their products and have always been on hand to provide assistance and answer queries quickly."

"We are commercial UAV operators and are very pleased with our QuestUAV Q-200 Surveyor, we found the purchasing process and especially the training from the QuestUAV team to be professional, efficient and particularly enjoyable."

"Whilst working alongside QuestUAV on commercial jobs, we have first-hand experience of their technical ability and scale of flying operations possible with long-range flying capability covering huge distances with both roving pilots and remote observers. We would highly recommend QuestUAV, not only for the excellent products, but also their approach to client interaction, training and commercial service provision."

Dr Roger Phillips, CEO

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