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"Our learning curve has been steeper than a manual take-off. Nigel and the Quest team have force-fed us the knowledge and skills we need to begin our UAV experience in record time. Now I feel that our team can take the next steps under our own steam, especially knowing that Quest are always on the other end of a telephone when we need them."

"I want to say thank you again for an excellent training experience. The volume of learning you crammed into us in a short time was amazing. You’d understood our needs and targeted our training accordingly, both in terms of the course as a whole and each of the four trainees. The amount of work we now have to do is somewhat intimidating but I feel that we’re equipped now to develop our capability."

"I also want to say thank you to you and everyone at Quest for making us so welcome. You went above and beyond professional courtesy and made us feel instantly at home in Amble and it’s much appreciated."

Dean Foden

"Well-structured training course with a specific focus on our needs and development profile"

Tony Dolphin

"I really enjoyed my QuestUAV experience. The product was amazing to see in action. Nigel and the team were extremely professional and incredibly hospitable. The structure of the training really got you thinking about each section properly whilst drawing upon the lessons learnt in the previous."

John Bignell

"Nigel and the Quest team have created a training program that hits all the right spots on what is a steep learning curve. Very relaxed but focused teaching, making our team think about our future scenarios already. The next steps for our journey are now defined and will be taken with less trepidation than originally expected."

Stephen Clarke

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