Pix4DMapper Aerial Imagery Software for QuestUAV Drones


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Pix4D -  Pix4DMapper Aerial Imagery Software for QuestUAV Drones

Pix4D have an imagery solution called Pix4Dmapper that converts thousands of aerial and oblique images taken by lightweight UAV, such as our DATAhawk and Q200 range of drones, into geo-referenced 2D orthomosaics, 3D surface models and point clouds. With its advanced automatic aerial triangulation based purely on image content and unique optimisation techniques, Pix4Dmapper software enables any UAV or camera to become a professional mapping and surveying tool. 

Please Note: Pix4D Mapper is currently an optional extra when purchasing one of our UAV packages. 


While Pix4Dmapper’s fully automatic workflow stays as intuitive and easy to use and gives users full control over all tie points, calibration and results. Using the rayCloud, you can now assess, edit, interpret and improve results directly in the software thanks to the rays integration with the 3D point cloud. The rayCloud makes it possible to annotate and measure objects with the highest precision, fully control tie points and calibration, and even to use any annotations to reprocess projects in order to improve the overall project accuracy.



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Key Information

  • Assess, edit, improve your results and create vector objects directly in Pix4Dmapper using the integrated tools
  • Groundbreaking and easy-to-use rayCloud Editor for highly accurate object annotation and project accuracy improvement
  • Highly appreciated Mosaic Editor for the fastest seamline editing and easiest orthomosaic improvement in the market
  • Create projects using more than one camera and process imagery together (NIR and RGB for example)
  • Set and edit map resolution
  • Generate single-band and index maps based on pre-defined formulas (NDVI, etc.)
  • Create and save your own formulas choosing among each available input band and generate custom index maps
  • Edit colour classes and gradients, then export your index map with the most appropriate colour scheme
  • Export single-band and index maps in GeoTIFF format

Pix4Dmapper’s goal is to provide customers with cutting edge technology and groundbreaking tools combining the latest innovations of Computer Vision and Photogrammetry. Orthomosaics, DSMs and Point clouds generated with Pix4Dmapper achieve survey grade accuracy from any aerial or oblique imagery, ranging from lightweight compact cameras such as GoPro up to professional photogrammetry sensors provided on our DATAhawk and Q200 drones.   New algorithms allow for even more precise and stunning results and help customers to get the most out of their UAV and drone surveys.