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Agisoft PhotoScan - Post Processing Mapping for Drones

Agisoft PhotoScan Software

Agisoft Photoscan Aerial Imagery Software

The primary post-processing solution chosen by our customers is Agisoft PhotoScan Pro. Agisoft PhotoScan Pro allows you to generate high- resolution georeferenced orthophotos and exceptionally detailed DEMs. The fully automated workflow, in addition to the easy integration to the Q-Pods system, enables a non-specialist to process thousands of aerial images on a desktop computer producing professional class photogrammetric data.


To fulfil the georeferencing task, the program uses airborne GPS data, combined with point-cloud technology to quickly achieve the results needed. For deliverables that require a greater accuracy, Ground Control Points (GCP) can be imported and matched to the 3D model improving the accuracy even further.

Agisoft PhotoScan Pro supports a range of input formats (including JPEG, TIFF and PNG) and a wide range of output formats (GeoTIFF, XYZ, Google KML, Wavefront OBJ, VRML, COLLADA, PDF) ensuring easy import to any GIS system for future photogrammetric analysis.

Key Information

  • Aerial Triangulation
  • Polygonal Model Generation (plain / textured)
  • Setting Coordinate System (and conversion)
  • Create projects using more than one camera and process imagery together (NIR and RGB for example)
  • Set and edit map resolution
  • Georeferenced Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Generation
  • Georeferenced Orthophoto Generation

The Q-Pod system is not limited to Agisoft PhotoScan, furthermore, the data taken from the aircraft can easily be imported into any photogrammetry or GIS software such as Pix4D, ensuring you can stick to the efficient workflow that you have already developed.


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