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Image Processing Service and Training

Image Processing Workflow

Before UAV images can be used for an analysis, they need to be photogrammetrically processed and translated into accurate 2D orthomosaics and maps, 3D models and surface models, and other GIS datasets.

As a 360 degrees end-to-end solution, QuestUAV offers training and support for all parts of the UAV workflow with the image processing as an important component.

Clients can choose between the following services:

Image Processing Training

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QuestUAV processing experts provide training in industry-standard photogrammetry software - Pix4Dmapper and Agisoft PhotoScan. Learn how to use the software packages to create beautiful orthomosaics and 3D models.

Get to know the workflows for generating virtual flythroughs and translating multispectral UAV data into valuable index maps, such as NDVI or SAVI.

In House Processing


The complexity of a processing workflow can vary considerably depending on project objectives, desired accuracies, the amount of UAV flights and size of the project area and whether images are acquired with a normal RGB camera or a multispectral sensor.

In order to reduce our clients' workload, we offer processing services by photogrammetry experts at our QuestUAV processing centre in the UK.

Advice Hotline

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Our photogrammetry experts are there to answer processing-related questions via email, phone or skype and to provide clients with easy-to-use training material.