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Manufacturer Drone Training

About Training

RPAS Training with Callum | Drone Training School

  • Full Manufacturer training
  • UK and Abroad 
  • RPAS training
  • Online training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Image Processing training
  • High altitude and desert operations
  • Glacial and cold weather training
  • Hot Climate training
  • EVLOS and BLOS training
  • Mobile Ops training

Key to success. Manufacturer Drone Training is the number one key to successful operations beyond choosing the right design of commercial drone.

Get it Right the First Time. Get it right and the steady process towards return on investment with drones will happen along with the smooth integration of drone ops into a commercial survey operation. Get it wrong and any number of mistakes, inconsistencies, safety issues and accidents are waiting to happen.

Get the Skills. At QuestUAV we fully understand the wide variety of skills that need to be shared in order for a new flight team to operate in their own environments and industry, be it a small UK-based drone services team, or a 20+ team working in the mining or peace keeping industry.

Experienced Training. QuestUAV has many years experience, working around the globe, and can offer a variety of UAV training from simple drone online training courses to fully fledged three-week course in a foreign (and sometimes hostile) country on any continent in the world. Longer courses are always optimised to train on the key aspects that a new operator is likely to face.

Contact us to find out about availability and pricing. 

Instructor Training

Henk & Stu with PPK Drone

We have two options for face to face training - Instructor Training in UK and Instructor Training Abroad.

Instructor Training in the UK

  • Dedicated Manufacturer Training
  • Advanced and Refresher Training
  • RPAS Training
  • "Train the Trainer" Flight School
  • Training School in North England
  • Full, unrestricted flying training grounds
  • Maintenance and Servicing facilities
  • Mobile Ops

Experienced Instructors.  Face to face, hands-on training with experienced QuestUAV instructors.  Go through the complete Manufacturer Training Course in a dedicated training suit with large agricultural grounds for flying training and air testing.

A Variety of Courses. Choose from a series of one to ten-day courses with an instructor at our training school in the North of England, UK.

Instructor Training Abroad

  • Manufacturer Training
  • Developing Operational Capability
  • Instructors operate on every Continent
  • Hot and cold, Dry and Humid, High Altitude
  • Agriculture, Mining, Peacekeeping, Survey
  • Your Location, Your Drone, Our Instructors

Our instructors travel worldwide bringing the knowledge and experience of successful flight operations. 

Contact us to find out about availability and pricing. 

Online Training

Online Training

  • Online Training Available
  • DATAhawk Training Only
  • RPAS GroundSchool Options

Online training is no substitute for the quality, rapidity and safety of face to face training,  but for companies or future operators that cannot come to the UK for training, or cannot afford to get an instructor to their country, then Online Training is a possibility. 

Likewise, our partnership with Resources Group allows us to provide the ground school phase of Flight Operator Certification as an online course. 

Contact us to find out about availability and pricing. 



Watch a video with a QuestUAV team training an agricultural group in Indonesia on a pineapple plantation.

The video shows the extent and variety of subjects that need to be covered for operational capability.