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Training Overview

Your Drone Training with QuestUAV

Profit,  consistency, ongoing reliability. Each is crucially important for a successful drone operation,  but none just happens "out of the box" despite the claims of any other manufacturer.  

Effective training is the critical element in releasing the true potential of a professional drone.   

Critical subjects such as safety, optimal camera setup, risk assessments, correct parachute packing, knowing when to call the drone or redivert it.  Understanding the topography and the air currents above it. Understanding the effects of the wind, overlap, light density. Safe launches, safe landings, monitoring the battery, dealing with emergencies. Creating a great orthomosaic, post processing, improved flight planning. These are just some of the subjects required to be learned for effective and safe operations. 

We provide it all, as well as having  a larger range of courses aimed at group such as resellers, data processors and those needing to operate in extreme surroundings.



Manufacturer's Drone Training

Online Training

This is a phase of preparatory work where a crew will conduct a series of online work-packages.

These packages will take each crew through the booking system, online resources, manuals, preparation of your own flying site and maintenance area.

The packages are designed to prepare you as much as possible before receiving the hands-on the Manufacturer Training and flight experience. There is no charge for this phase.

QuestUAV Syllabus

Training Factory Tour

Choose from a selection of two, three and five-day courses. Training normally happens at our training grounds in Northumberland, UK, but under special arrangements, we can provide training in your home country up to two weeks in length.

This training is intensive, hands-on training that includes flying preparation, flying, maintenance, Air Law, flight planning and basic post processing.

The training concludes with a flight test, the issue of the certificate and the signing of logbooks.

Extended Drone Training Program

Refresher Training

It is not unusual that crews forget some of their training, or may experience a month or more delay between training and making their first flights.

We, therefore, offer ongoing Training as single UAV training days and this may be booked by you or offered by us as part of your ongoing support.

Advanced Training


Pilots or crews who want to get the best out of their QuestUAV systems can book advanced training after they have fully got to grips with their drone and need to take their operation to the next level. This can also include new equipment training.


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Post  Processing Training

PPK Training Texo

The Manufacturer Training covers basic post processing only. This course provides a full day of Post Processing with either Pix4D or Photoscan.

This Post-Processing Course is normally provided at the QuestUAV training centre in Northumberland, UK, but can be arranged at other locations in the UK if required.

Crew Constitution

Commander and Pilot

Our equipment can be operated solo (one person) but we advise that for the greatest safety that a crew of two are used; a pilot and a commander.

Unlike some other systems that are “Launch and Forget” the QuestUAV airborne program can be over-ridden and flown by either the pilot or the commander.

This has huge benefits in terms of increased capability, safety and equipment protection. Licensing authorities around the world prefer two-man crews and sometimes even demand two-man qualified crews for legal UAV operations.

The majority of our training is therefore carried out around this concept.