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Drone Services & Repairs


Q200 Agri Pro

Safety.  Keep your drone in the safest and best-performing condition through our Service, Repair and Maintenance options. With QuestUAV the highest level of technician skills and test equipment are available that will ensure safety standards are met.Manufacturer repairs and major services are generally completed at the QuestUAV Technology Centre in the UK.

Prevent Downtime.  Services and repairs aim to have your equipment capable of running many flight hours with minimum downtime, through component or airframe failure.

Warranty.  Services and repairs are carried out at our premises or by authorised dealers who carry a warranty.

Drone Service and Repair Programmes.  QuestUAV operates a full service and repair programme that aims to keep an end user running with the minimum of delays. Our aim is always for a maximum of three days turnaround, depending on the good old English weather and if an airtest is required.


UAV Repairs

Services are advisory, not compulsory.

Service Intervals. The time between services is based on flying hours.

A minor service can be completed by a competent user at 10 hours or 20 flights.

A major service is completed by QuestUAV in the UK at 50 hours or 100 flights.  A major service includes detailed inspection and component swap out (motor, servos etc).

Software Upgrade. A major service will also bring the opportunity to have your equipment upgraded with the most recent software.


Texo DSI |

 Robust Design. Your aircraft is designed to be robust and withstand harsh use.  However, repairs are sometimes needed and our aim is to get you flying as soon as possible with two kinds of repairs: Repair-in-The-Field and Return–to-QuestUAV.

Repair in the Field.  The UAV design has expendable parts, such as wingtips, propellors, speed controllers, motors, wing locks, and spars.  Each of these can be replaced in the field. Minor body damage can also be repaired with repair tape.

Combined with our repair guides, videos, support portal and support services (phone and email) you will be able to recover from minor damage quickly.

Return to QuestUAV. If it’s serious, then send it back.  We will give you an estimate within a few hours of receipt. We have a three-day turnaround that will get you up and running quickly again.