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Customer Support Contract


What is it?

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One Year or 25 Hours Support.  The normal Support Contract is  a 20 hour Support Contract costing £1000.   Typically we bill £50 per hour for support, whether phone, email or direct contact. It is cheaper to book support at the point of sale or immediately after. (Gaining Support outside of a contract is  £125 per hour). 

B2B Contracts are negotiable according to your business needs.

Expiry. The contract eligible for a year or until hours are used, whichever is less.  

Re-booking. A new contract can be arranged at any time, however the majority of our customers find that the initial contract is all that is needed during the first year. 

Extended Contracts.  Extended contracts up to five years can be arranged. Once support hours have been used in a qualifying year, hours will be brought forward from subsequent years. 


Comprehensive Support

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You Will Need Help. Your flying operations and development of technical knowledge need to be backed up excellent support.

Typical Reasons. You may need simple assistance to relearn what has been forgotten in training. You may need assistance understanding log files or image quality.

More Advanced Support. You may need or more complex assistance such as recovering from a heavy landing, or improving the UAV configuration for better performance,

We Are Waiting. Whatever our Support Team is awaiting you with a host of analytical tools and experience to solve your problems.

Whole Company Access


Wide Reaching. You have access to every person and skill in the company.

This includes your dedicated Support Team member.

It also includes every pilot, every trainer, every researcher, every build team and quality control member and every data analyst.

For resellers it includes access to the sales team and its advisers.


Single Point of Contact

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Your Contact Person. When you start your contract you will be introduced to your appointed Support Team member.

Trained in Support. Every Support Team member is trained in proving great customer care and documenting your progress as you work through your contract.


Rapid Response

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Rapid Response. We provide a rapid and effective response for support issues using the following methods.

How to Contact. Primary contact: email. 2 hour email response during working hours. Send logfiles, images, videos as well as text.

Alternative Contact: Phone, mobile, text, WatsApp, Skype, personal visit.

Customer care. Don’t wait days or weeks for a response. TEAMQuest is here to help.