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" Our Vision is for Excellent Customer Support. This is vital to ensure that your operations and development of technical knowledge is backed up an experienced and accessible QuestUAV support team. "

When you become a customer you have access to the full QuestUAV Support Website through the Support Contract

This website contains all the support articles and videos required to run and maintain your drone operation. 

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Pre Sales Consultancy

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Easy Decision Making. During your pre-sales phase we provide as much support as you need to help you make an effective buying decision.

Multi Dimensional Viewpoint.  We will look at your future operating environments, safety requirements, budget, team training and many other critical subject that help create a win-win solution. 

Free Service. Phone, email, skype or personal visit are all available during this phase. And of course there is no charge for this valuable consultancy. 

Support Website

Described above, our Support Website is available to all clients once purchase is complete. This website hosts the basic information to complement training and basic operation of your drone.

It also hosts a large database of tutorials and videos that will help you improve your general drone operations. It also provides servicing, repairs and maintenance information.  

After purchase you will be provided with a login to this website.  

Support Hotline

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The Support Hotline will give you instant access to a member of the support team. 



Comprehensive Documentation

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Professional and Up-to-Date. QuestUAV is reknowned for providing professional and up-to-date documentation that will satisfy the most stringent assessor or aviation body.

These include: 

  • Pre Flight Checks
  • Aircraft Manuals
  • Operations Manuals
  • Safety Case Documentation
  • Risk Assessments




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Simple, Advanced, Comprehensive. Whether your support request is for simple email assistance more complex online phone support, our Support team is awaiting you with a host of analytical tools and experience to solve your problems.

Access to the Whole Company. Be assured that you will access the skills and people you need to speak to, from the CEO downwards, including every pilot, every trainer, every researcher, every build team and quality control member and every data analyst.

Single Point of Contact. Every Support team member is trained in proving and documenting your progress as you work with support, but you will also have the confidence you also have a single point of contact through a dedicated Support Team leader.


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Support Contract

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How It Works. At purchase, you will negotiate the level of support you need.

This normally starts with our 25 hour Support Contract, eligible for a year or until hours are used up.

When exhausted a new contract can easily be arranged, however, 98% of our customers find that the initial contract is all that is needed.


Drone Maintenance

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Effective Maintenance will ensure that hardware that is susceptible to damage or wear & tear will be replaced prior to failure, and therefore will retain operational continuity at a higher level. The benefit of this is better ROI.

Day to Day Programs. QuestUAV has a series of day-to-day maintenance programs designed to optimise according to your flight profiles and the environment.

Drone Service & Repair

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Multiple Options. Keep your drone in the safest and best-performing condition through our Service, Repair and Maintenance options.

Maintain Safety Standards. With QuestUAV the highest level of technician skills and test equipment are available that will ensure safety standards are met.

Quality Repair Centre. Manufacturer repairs and major services are generally completed at the QuestUAV Technology Centre in the UK.


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Repair in the Field

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Quick and simple drone repair is important for operational capability.

When a drone lands heavily, or hits a tree, or damages a camera lens or wing this can be a major setback for drones other than QuestUAV.

A survey operation can come to a halt for either a short or long time, potentially costing the pilot or survey operator time and money before being able to become operational and profitable again.

For many operators, a minor accident can mean waiting days, weeks or even months. Not so with QuestUAV.


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