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70% Of the work completed at QuestUAV is research and development. Our heritage comes from fifty years of working in the aviation industry, particularly in the sub 7kg fixed wing sector. Only 30% of our time is manufacture and provision of training.  

Industry Benefit. Much of our research and development is to design products suitable for professional use in survey and construction. We design fixed wing drone platforms and application from concept right through to user level training and in-country validation.

Complete Workflows. Much of our work is also end-user based, where we customise aircraft and integrate sensors for particular needs. Some of this work is pure research and funded by government,



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Examples of Collaboration

QuestUAV / RAL Space. A joint project with the aim of imaging in 3D large areas of the Atacama desert whilst the ESA / NASA Mars Rover was on trials there. Challenges to overcome were the high altitude of the test site (10000ft), the infiltration of red dust into every part of the UAV on landing and the generally higher speed of the UAV during surveying do to increased stall speed. The project ran three missions to Chile to verify, modify and test the designs and training. All missions were a complete success.

QuestUAV / South West Water / Exeter University A government TSB funded project designed to measure and quantify the storage of water in peat based uplands using conventional and thermal imagery. The 18 month project was a collaboration between South west Water, Exeter University and QuestUAV with the aim of producing a Water Managament Resources Package

QuestUAV / ORCA / DOLE. This three year project set standards in tropical pineapple plantations whereby fixed wing UAV were designed and optimised for a range of plantation management products. Over the past three years many teams have been trained in the rigorous requirements of high temperature, tropical operations and the maintenance of equipment that suffers daily use by semi skilled operators.

QuestUAV / British Geological Survey. Government sponsored “INNOVatE” Project to quantify trace gasses over farmland using laser imagery on a fixed wing drone.   The one year project successfully completed and flight trials were able to detect the presence of methane in less than ten parts per million. The whole project involved radical airframe design, working with hitherto unknown sensors, tight budgeting, workflow design, flight testing and end user training.

QuestUAV United Nations / OSCE Pilot Study. QuestUAV successfully completed a one year pilot study to quantify the suitability of low cost fixed wing drones in the monitoring of the retreat of hostile forces from Ukraine. The project involved original design, rapid reinforcement, in country training, an excellent supply chain and working in cold environments. The project was a success and the pilot aircraft outflew all other competitors, confirming their rugged design, despite challenging conditions and even being shot by Ak47 fire.