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QuestUAV Survey Ilkley Moor Using Fixed Wing Drone

RGB Land Survey of Ilkley Moor using 8000+ Images to create 650 hectare pointcloud and ortho image QuestUAV Ltd was commissioned jointly by Friends of Ilkley Moor and Bradford Council Countryside Service to undertake an orthographic survey of the Ilkley Moors in the UK.  The area of the Moor was approximately 650 hectare survey and […]

Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC): our latest Blue Chip client releases “Skies Without Limits”

Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) state in their latest report - Skies Without Limits; “that drones are becoming an increasingly familiar aspect of life and work in the UK today.”  It's a view that QuestUAV shares and it's no surprise that we have already carried out work alongside PwC using our small fixed wing drones. The gates […]

GEO Business Show 2018

Can you spot yourself at the GEO Business Show? We attended the GEO Business 2018 Exhibition this week at The Design Centre in London. We got to meet lots of interesting people and enjoyed sharing the event with our host Septentrio. About the GEO Business Show Showcasing 200 of the world’s leading suppliers of geospatial […]

QuestUAV become TAA Compliant

Ministry of Defence Visit After a quality inspection from the Ministry of Defence and The Defence Equipment and Support Agency, QuestUAV are now classified as TAA Compliant. What this means is that we have met all standards for RA1600: RPAS. We look forward to future work with the MOD and other government organisations. About the […]

QuestUAV Closes Deal to Map World’s Largest Construction Project

QuestUAV Closes Deal to Map World’s Largest Construction Project Client comes all the way from Kazakhstan to hand pick his drone QuestUAV welcomed Paul Reynolds of Aardvark LLP to their head office this week to hand pick his new drone fleet.  Aardvark and QuestUAV are about to embark on mapping the world’s largest construction project […]

Introducing the DATAHawk II

QuestUAV DATAhawk II QuestUAV, the UK’s most established fixed-wing UAS developer, has applied its expertise to a new airframe model, the DATAHawk II.  Two years in the making, this new high density moulded design brings improved performance and greatly reduced costs. The key to its success has come from then listening carefully to what the customer […]

New Drone Partnership Close to Home

Droneflight and QuestUAV: A New Partnership. Droneflight is taking on QuestUAV products that will expand its current foreshore survey work.  Droneflight’s Head Quarters is less than 40 miles South of QuestUAV’s Manufacturing Base. The advanced QuestUAV PPK Datahawk aircraft will complement their current range of multirotor drones.   QuestUAV embarked on a lengthy Research and […]

QuestUAV unfold their Fixed Wing Drone Rental to Europe and USA

Business Expansion Unveils Extended Drone Rental Service QuestUAV have been hiring drone systems and sensors to a UK only market since 2013. However, for selected customers it is now expanding its rentals to include Europe and the United States. QuestUAV are offering Drone Rental from just £23 per day* QuestUAV are market leaders in the […]

Grande Cote Operations

Grande Cote Operations Papa Mamadou Diouf (Grande Cote Operations) recently visited QuestUAV to complete his training for the Q-200 UAV system. If you want to learn more about what our UAV is being used for click on the link below. “I have had an excellent time with the QuestUAV Team.  This was a great […]

Keeping it Local

QuestUAV take on t-shirt sponsorship Once QuestUAV found out there was an opportunity to sponsor our local football team we jumped at the chance. The company has been honored to take on the sponsorship for our local junior football team Amble East Junior Football Team. It is important to realize the value of local sports teams to […]

New Features to All QuestUAV PPK Products

QuestUAV PPK Septentrio Integration In this article you will read everything you need to know about QuestUAV’s recent integration that will vastly change the UAV marketplace. QuestUAV now include new features which will improve GNSS and Inband Interference. These are only available with the QuestUAV PPK products. Thanks to the new Septentrio high-performance, ultra-low GNSS […]

CSR Conference Dec 2017

A Newcastle based initiative is pulling together best practice methods for the use of Drones in Search and Rescue and in particular the Search and identification of lost people.The Centre For Search and Rescue, (CSR), a Newcastle University based charity, has been focusing on the use of drones in SAR and has discovered a lack […]

Winter Words of Wisdom

  Whilst that white layer of frost can be eye catching, lower temperatures bring warnings for the drone operator. We have tried to capture some of the most important points here; Crew Fatigue. Everything takes longer in the cold and that means everything gets colder again. Crew will want to chase along a little quicker […]

Keep an Eagle Eye Out For Fakes

Keep an Eagle Eye out for QuestUAV fakes. QuestUAV Fakes don’t only come from China and they don’t have to come in the same colour as QuestUAV’s. Unscrupulous former employees have set up a stall that looks just like a mini QuestUAV factory. They have copied our operation, methods, tools, IP and designs, claimed originality and  hold a […]

Topcon (Beijing) Chooses QuestUAV for High Altitude PPK Fixed Wing Operations on the Tibetan Platea

Collaboration between ROCtec - Topcon (Beijing) and QuestUAV has resulted in a first-time PPK land survey in the mountainous area of Mudao in the district of Qinghai.  With 99.9% unambiguity at better than 5 cm accuracy, the results display the full potential of the civilian mapping UAS.Flying at 700ft agl and almost 15000 ft above […]

Gas Sensor Takes Flight on UAV

Remote sensing of atmospheric gas concentrations is important in monitoring global greenhouse gas levels and industry monitoring. Monitoring is usually carried out via satellite sensing or laborious ground-based measurements. With aerial measurement, a wider area can be measured efficiently, and repeat measurements taken of days, weeks and months gathering time-series data. This spring, a study […]

National Pink Day / Cancer Research

National Pink Day for Cancer Research 1%of people born after 1960 who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime Friday 23rd June is National Pink Day - This year we're supporting Cancer Research UK. Statistically 1 in 2 people born after 1960 will be diagnosed with cancer. That's nearly a third of the people […]

Precision Capture Testimonial

"Our time here has been great! The manufacturers training has been excellent, very hands on with the product and a lot to take in. Stuart has been a wonderful instructor and we couldn't have asked for a better host on both a professional and personal level. The facilities at QuestUAV are excellent and we feel […]

Precision Capture and QuestUAV Form Strategic Partnership For Fixed-Wing Sales and Training in USA

Precision Capture and QuestUAV Form Strategic Partnership For Fixed-Wing Sales and Training in USA   QuestUAV are pleased to announce a premiere partnership with Precision Capture, Kentucky-based survey specialists who are now our Sales and Training Reseller for continental USA. Precision Capture have been successfully delivering innovative solutions in 2D and 3D data capture, measurement […]

QuestUAV and BGS Work in Partnership to Develop Innovative Aerial Gas Sensor Platform

QuestUAV and BGS Work in Partnership to Develop Innovative Aerial Gas Sensor Platform A Gas Sensor Project Simon Holyoake of BGS Launching the Gas Sensor UAV Gas Sensing Overview Remote sensing of atmospheric gas concentrations is an important activity, especially the monitoring of greenhouse gas levels on a global level. This monitoring is currently carried […]

Terra Drone’s innovations take off at Brisbane’s Myriad Festival

Terra Drone’s Innovations take off at Brisbane’s Myriad Festival Terra Drone Myriad Festival Terra Drone Corporation’s ground-breaking innovations captured attention at Queensland’s Myriad Festival, with founder and CEO Toru Tokushige outlining the company’s vision for growth in the Sunshine State. Held at the Brisbane Powerhouse from March 29-31, the landmark tech and innovation event established […]

High Altitude Survey Drone Trials Bring Success for South American Company

High Altitude Survey Drone Trials Bring Success for South American Company   Ecuador based Pilots Fly QuestUAV DATAhawk at 3700m ASL (12,000ft) for Municipal Tax Calculations One of QuestUAV's research partners has been running a series of test flights with a 2kg fixed-wing DATAhawk in the Andes, for cadastral mapping and the calculation of municipal […]

Topcon Survey Yanqing District with Fixed Wing Drone – Flythrough

Topcon Survey Yanqing District with Fixed Wing Drone A QuestUAV's Chinese reseller recently surveyed the Yanqing District, located North West of Beijing, China as part of a UAV demonstration. They were able to create a flythrough to show results.  The team used QuestUAV's Q-100 DATAhawk drone to survey the area and processed their images using […]

Multispectral Field Monitoring with the QuestUAV DATAhawkAG, MicaSense RedEdge and MicaSense ATLAS

QuestUAV’s All-Round Package for Precision Agriculture Mapping Multispectral Field Monitoring with the QuestUAV DATAhawkAG, MicaSense RedEdge and MicaSense ATLAS Simple Mapping Workflow - Quality Data - Better Decisions Aerial images captured with a drone is a great asset for growers and agronomists. They can monitor the health and vigour and track change over time. When […]

Precision UAV Showcase the Q-100 DATAhawk at the 49th Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors Conference

Precision UAV Showcase the Q-100 DATAhawk at the 49th Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors Conference Precision UAV (formally Your Precision) attended the 49th annual Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors (TAPS) Conference. The company showcased QuestUAV's Q-100 DATAhawk over a two day period. Visitors at the conference were keen to see the fixed wing drone with […]

QuestUAV DroneGirls React To Sexist Complaint

QuestUAV DroneGirls React to "Sexist" Comments     Jo Harris, female marketing consultant at QuestUAV wrote an article entitled “Drone Boys vs Drone Girls” on 21 Feb 2017.SuasNews received a complaint following the publishing of the article complaining that the article was “flagrantly sexist, male-centric and benighted”.The complainant went on the say “You owe your readers, […]

Drone Boys vs Drone Girls

Drone Boys vs Drone Girls     by Jo Harris, DroneGirl, QuestUAVThe face of the Drone industry is changing. Girl power is taking an increasingly important role in the Drone industry. And not before time.It has long been proven that women have skill sets in engineering, training and project management that more than complement their male […]

QuestUAV Releases New High Performance (HP) Wings for DATAhawk

QuestUAV Releases New High Performance (HP) Wings for DATAhawk With an increase in surface area of around 22%, out new HP wings are having a significant boost for users where high altitude and/or turbulence are key factors to overcome. The image shows the new (HP) wings in black and the standard wings in grey.The wings are a straightforward […]


Co-Authors Kerstin Traut, Nigel King and Ruairi Hardman A QuestUAV Case Study from Kazakhstan INTRODUCTION Mine operators know that safety precautions are of utmost importance in the daily routine at a mining site. Conventional surveying methods involved considerable effort and resources on the ground. Starting with electronic tachometers and later with ground GPS, surveyors have […]

TerraDrone Corporation and QuestUAV strike up a strategic partnership providing highly accurate large scale surveying services as well as Reseller presence in Japan

Terra Drone Corporation and QuestUAV Strike Up a Strategic Partnership Ruairi Hardman (L) Toru Tokushige (M) & Nigel King (R) In January 2017, Terra Drone Corporation signed a strategic alliance with British fixed-wing drone developer QuestUAV. In the future, Terra Drone will conduct surveying services using QuestUAV's fixed-wing aircraft, sales of the airframe itself and […]

QuestUAV Drones – Reliable and Accurate Tools for Coastal Monitoring

QuestUAV Drones - Reliable and Accurate Tools for Coastal Monitoring A Case Study on Long-Term Erosion Mapping in Northeast England The Urgency to Measure Coastal Erosion Protecting coasts from erosion is a global mission.In the UK alone, the British Geological Survey states that across England and Wales 113 000 residential properties, 9000 commercial properties and […]

The British Geological Survey (BGS) Showcase DATAhawk at the Rushlight Show 2017

The British Geological Survey (BGS) Showcase DATAhawk at the Rushlight Show 2017   The British Geological Survey (BGS) attended the Rushlight Show 2017 in London on 25th January to exhibit the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) gas monitoring system for the energy sector.  The prototype system is the product of a project examining the technical feasibility […]


AgNav Showcasing the QuestUAV DATAhawk at NAAA Conference   AgNav attended the NAAA Conference in Long Beach, California at the end of 2016, in part, to launch its new line of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) outfitted with various kinds of sensors. At this conference, they showed off the UAV line, including the QuestUAV DATAhawk, the […]


QuestUAV Sensor Gimbals Improve Flight Efficiency By More Than 15 Percent INTRODUCTION Demands on fixed wing drones are growing continually. Other than copter drones, fixed wing platforms are generally used to cover large areas (hundreds of hectares) in a short amount of time. Standards on flight endurance and efficient area coverage are growing throughout different […]

DATAhawk spearheads new compact QuestUAV range

QuestUAV launches full production of DATAhawk DATAhawk is a compact mapping UAV designed specifically for easy-of-use, rapid deployment, high resolution, photogrammetry missions. Fully autonomous with multiple landing options including para landing, the main sensor in the surveying edition takes the incredible 20.1mp Sony QX1 in a gimbaled mount. Including Pix4D Mapper, the system provides a […]

QuestUAV Training Team Starts Large-Team International Training with the Q-200 with GGP

QuestUAV's Flying Team Starts Large Team International Training One of QuestUAV Ltd's flight training teams arrived in Indonesia this past weekend, to provide in-country training for GGP (Great Giant Pineapple). Sunday saw the completion of a successful series of test flights with Q-200 AGRI Twin NDVI aircraft.                 […]