Keep an Eagle Eye Out For Fakes

Keep an eye out for fake QuestUAV products
Fake or Genuine?

Keep an Eagle Eye out for QuestUAV fakes.

QuestUAV Fakes don’t only come from China and they don’t have to come in the same colour as QuestUAV’s.

Unscrupulous former employees have set up a stall that looks just like a mini QuestUAV factory. They have copied our operation, methods, tools, IP and designs, claimed originality and  hold a fake patent. Not only this but hold both supplier and client database’s and are contacting our clients directly in order to try and bring in their sales. The police and legal teams have been involved, but this is a slow process.

The message is, if you want a fixed wing mapping drone that works, has the QuestUAV support and tech behind it then contact us. With a ten year heritage and multi million pound investment in the industry, we are the real deal.

If  are contacted by any companies purporting to be a QuestUAV replacement with an aircraft that looks strikingly similar to an original Datahawk or offer QuestUAV repair services, then please contact the QuestUAV team. We need to know. Despite what they might say, it is illegal.

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