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The British Geological Survey (BGS) Showcase DATAhawk at the Rushlight Show 2017


The British Geological Survey (BGS) attended the Rushlight Show 2017 in London on 25th January to exhibit the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) gas monitoring system for the energy sector. 

The prototype system is the product of a project examining the technical feasibility of using small unmanned aerial vehicles to detect and monitor methane, incorporating novel technology development. 

The project is based on a collaboration with QuestUAV Ltd. and co-funded by an early stage Energy Catalyst grant from Innovate UK.

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Datahawk with Gas Sensor on Show (L) and BGS Stand (R)


BGS had with them a Datahawk aircraft to show at the exhibition – this is a similar craft to what they use to carry out their monitoring surveys. Visitors to the event could see and feel the drone and discuss the technical applications and capability of the UAV gas monitoring system.  Questions asked were how accurate is the GPS on the UAV? 

“Is the modelling of methane done in real time? ”

“Does the drone carry a camera as well as the sensor? ”

“Could it also measure for carbon dioxide or hydrogen? ”

“How long can it fly for? ”

Interested exhibition attendees took a flyer which explained the project progress, rationale and the advantages of the new system versus current gas monitoring systems together with the system capabilities. It is expected that data from the UAV gas monitoring system will help to demonstrate that either there are no fugitive gas emissions or help to pinpoint and quantify gases in the atmosphere.

BGS continue to use Quests Q200 Surveyor drone for mapping and surveys.  They have recently placed another order for a second unit with thermal capability to use in the field.

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