Q200 Indonesia

QuestUAV's Flying Team Starts Large Team International Training

One of QuestUAV Ltd's flight training teams arrived in Indonesia this past weekend, to provide in-country training for GGP (Great Giant Pineapple). Sunday saw the completion of a successful series of test flights with Q-200 AGRI Twin NDVI aircraft.

                                                Q200 Agri ProQ200 Indonesia

Q-200  Surveyor Pro Flight Training (L) Stuart; QuestUAV Pilot with GGP Trainees (R).

Training began in earnest yesterday and today saw the first flights with the flight teams in-country. Some 18 people from these teams (and other GGP staff with a need to understand the technology) are taking part in QuestUAV international training within Indonesia this week.

Q200 Indonesia
Q-200 Surveyor Pro in  Indonesia

Project Background

GGP grow a majority of premium Pineapple crop, although they are also responsible for Banana, Palm Oil and Casava plantation areas and a growing segment of other

Q200 Indonesia Pineapple
Nigel King; CEO of QuestUAV with the Q-200 Surveyor Pro

tropical fruits. The plantations are over 30,000 Ha in area.

UAV images and the UAV project are phase one of GGPs initiative to integrate precision agriculture firmly within their growing processes. Phase 1 of this initiative are the UAV flight, monitoring and image collection missions that this current training is enabling.

Phase 2 will see GGP purchase large GPS-driven farm machinery to make use of the GIS output provided by the teams in Phase 1.


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