Q-100 DATAhawk popular at RSCy2016 |  1

Q-100 DATAhawk popular at RSCy2016

Demonstrations and presentations sparking more interest in QuestUAV's professional compact mapper.

Now at the midpoint of a 5 day conference, the show staff are in full swing demonstrating the Q-100 DATAhawk and the Q-200 Surveyor Pro drones and giving presentations. The RSCy2016 Fourth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment has delegates attending seminars and workshops as diverse as remote monitoring for archaeology and applications relating to natural hazards and disasters.

RSCy 2016
RSCy 2016

Fixed-wing mission capabilities under discussion.

The Q-100 DATAhawk and the Q-200 Surveyor Pro are both high resolution mapping drones with professional capabilities. Multiple sensor types are available for each aircraft - from standard 21MP RGB sensor in the DATAhawk and the Sony a6000 24MP sensor available in the Surveyor Pro, through to the multispectral Micasense RedEdge in the DATAhawk Ag and the Agri Pro Q-pod for the Q-200 airframes. The DATAhawk is designed with rapid deployment and recovery in mind. Both aircraft can fly missions up to 60 minutes in length and have parachute recovery options - each airframe has grown from the iconic QuestUAV legacy of safety critical design and precision manufacturing.

Nigel King discussing the Q-100 DATAhawk
Q-200 Surveyor Pro capabilities

Nigel King discussing the Q-100 DATAhawk (L) and Q-200 Surveyor Pro capabilities (R)

High resolution imagery presentations show off UAV successes across a wide range of applications

Trying to squeeze the wide variety of success stories into an engaging presentation is proving challenging, but the show staff are still finding ways to enjoy their walk-throughs.

Q-100 DATAhawk at RSCy2016

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