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The Environmental Institute of Houston have obtained their FAA approval for the QuestUAV AQUA drone for flights


After a successful application round, the EIH and the QuestUAV AQUA drone have been awarded FAA approval to fly missions within the United States for research and mapping. A process that started in August 2015 has concluded and work has begun to collect data for ongoing research projects.

Environmental Institute of Houston

Shallow Reef Mapping

Mapping shallow reefs is usually impeded by navigation and the inability to use traditional survey methods. The use of UAV photography combined with digital image processing techniques provide more effective way for mapping and assessing these reefs. The project aims to map the physical extent and conditions of intertidal oyster reefs for assessing the current status of oyster population and hard bottom habitat within an estuary as well as to provide information needed for ongoing oyster conservation and restoration efforts. The study site is located in Bastrop Bay near the city of Houston, Texas.

Shallow Reef Mapping in Bastrop Bay
Shallow Reef Mapping in Bastrop Bay


Environmental Institue of Houston - EIH

The University of Houston-Clear Lake established the Environmental Institute of Houston (EIH) in 1991 to address regional issues of environmental concern. Since then, the institute has become a leader in building partnerships in research, education and outreach.

Environmental Institute of Houston

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