DATAhawk and Ruairi

QuestUAV launches full production of DATAhawk

DATAhawk is a compact mapping UAV designed specifically for easy-of-use, rapid deployment, high resolution, photogrammetry missions. Fully autonomous with multiple landing options including para landing, the main sensor in the surveying edition takes the incredible 20.1mp Sony QX1 in a gimbaled mount. Including Pix4D Mapper, the system provides a turnkey solution. Endurance is great; expect up to 1hr of flight with coverage up to 20 square kilometres. The entire ultra-rugged drone is sub-2Kg, with a 115cm wingspan.

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DATAhawk Box and drone Q-100 DATAhawk | DATAhawk Q-100 DATAhawk | DATAhawk Cyprus

DATAhawk Ag


The agricultural edition - DATAhawk Ag - mirrors the surveyor in capability - replacing the main sensor with a MicaSense RedEdge multispectral unit. This advanced, lightweight camera is optimised for use in UAVs of our type and size and provides accurate multi-band data for agricultural remote sensing applications. Crop health, growth and feed patterns can all be monitored with the data retrieved.

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