Altus Crew Laughing

Altus-LSA Rapid Deployment of QuestUAV Datahawk

Altus Crew Laughing
Manolis (Altus LSA) Holding a DATAhawk

Greek Surveying Company “Altus-LSA” Reaching for New Heights with QuestUAV Datahawks

QuestUAV only had a small window of opportunity  to deliver a fixed wing survey and training solution for Altus-LSA in Chania, Greece, this year.

From receipt of their Purchase Order in Jan 2019 it took the QuestUAV team just 13 days to build, deliver and start training on a custom built DATAhawk system, in Greece. Within 2 days of arrival in Greece the Altus-LSA crew had become operational in all aspects of the Datahawk. The crew was lead by Manolis Batzelis at their Maleme Airport training site .

The company needed a DATAhawk survey drone to complement their current multirotor and single span fleet so that medium to large scale sites could be mapped and independent drone training offered to Altus-LSA clients.

Clients such as the Hellenic Police and civilian drone pilots are trained by the company.

Stuart King, the QuestUAV trainer commented on how  flight safety-centric the Altus-LSA crew were, borne of their considerable experience of operating in the drone world.

Altus-LSA are implementing VLOS, EVLOS and BVLOS long range operations with the QuestUAV DATAhawk.

Altus Whole Crew
Altus, QuestUAV and Datahawk

Dimitris of Altus-LSA said “thank you for the cooperation, the very short delivery time and the professional level of conducting business. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Chania and had enough time to practice your Greek!”   (Sadly our instructor Stuart barely managed “Yes,” and  “No”, but did manage “Μια ακόμη μπίρα παρακαλώ”  (another beer please!)).

Nigel King, director of QuestUAV said “This is a remarkable achievement on the behalf of everyone involved, and a hallmark of what QuestUAV prides itself on; rapid and competent delivery to the specification laid down in the pre-sales period. Altus-LSA were a joy to work with as new clients throughout the procurement and training phases.”

Altus-LSA (Altus Land Sea Air) experience and expertise extends to: land & maritime border surveillance, intelligence gathering, airborne ISR, environmental monitoring, natural disaster management, GIS applications, protection of critical infrastructure, SAR missions, and aerial target drone applications. the 15 strong team is led by Zacharias Sarris.

QuestUAV designs and manufactures 2kg to 6kg fixed wing mapping and survey drones in UK and trains drones pilots at its base in UK and on site around the world.

Altus Crew
Altus Crew in their Ops Van

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