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AgNav Showcasing the QuestUAV DATAhawk at NAAA Conference


AgNav attended the NAAA Conference in Long Beach, California at the end of 2016, in part, to launch its new line of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) outfitted with various kinds of sensors. At this conference, they showed off the UAV line, including the QuestUAV DATAhawk, the QuestUAV Surveyor Pro and the Agri Pro V2-1 – which form the main part of the market in North America and beyond.

Visitors at the conference were thrilled to see a Drone on display and the QuestUAV DATAhawk was shown prominently at the booth.

Agnav Show

Q-100 DATAhawk on Show

"The drone itself actually captured more floor traffic, so it is definitely an asset to our product line." - AgNav


Applications that users wanted to perform with the UAV included both photo imagery and NDVI imagery for crop health. There was also the usual question about price. In terms of price, the system was billed as a mid-range solution but unique because of the different payloads that can be carried and the quality of the system. The very convenient means of launch and the system's sleek profile were other highlights indicated by visitors as being of interest.


Visitors were given a brochure that identified how users can make money through various kinds of services such as the following:

  1. Crop Security: Some crops are particularly valuable and people will steal them. A UAV solution may prove ideal for flying without detection and warning the authorities as to the presence of unwanted visitors.
  2. Agriculture: The NDVI indicator is a valuable component for users seeking to make additional money from their planes. A UAV solution may prove ideal for this purpose - not particularly expensive and costs can be rcovered from the first year of operations.
  3. "Insurers: Insurers are responsible for providing coveage in the event of spray mishaps, such as spraying over houses or on pets or livestock. A photo of the affected site will allow the insurer to honour claims made by individual farmers or persons affected by spray fly-overs.



This was essentially the first or initial launch of AgNav's UAV offering in conjunction with QuestUAV. The QuestUAV DATAhawk on display at the conference attracted as many as 30 individuals, with a sale being prepared as a result.

Interest in NDVI was also particularly high compared to standard imagery, with users less sure how photos can be used to make money as a service offering in place of NDVI.

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