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Achieve survey grade accuracies that suit your or your clients needs better;

  • Up to 3cm in x and y from 400ft with our dual frequency PPK
  • Up to 3cm in x and y using GPS without PPK
  • All surveys achieve 3cm resolution from 400ft (standard UAV survey altitude)

We achieve this through:

  • Our high quality sensors such as Sony A6000 or QX1
  • Full camera control in manual or auto
  • Gimballed Sensors with in-built vibration isolation
  • Use of prime optics for minimal distortion and production of optimal orthomosaics

Our drones allow you to produce that essential survey grade data even when operating in the toughest of environments.


Operational Efficiency

Achieve constantly repeatable missions through:

  • Dependable, rugged long-life airframes
  • Inbuilt resilience to harsh environmental and landing conditions
  • Easy in-field repairs and customer replaceable items
  • Vertical landing for confined areas (eg urban mapping, forestry)

Reduce overall survey time and manpower:

  • Intuitive workflows
  • Rapid area coverage with fixed wing
  • PPK technology requiring no ground control when cm accuracy required

Complete Larger Drone Surveys: 

  • Flight times up to 1 hour
  • Variable cruise speeds from 18 to 25 m/s
  • Gimballed Sensors requiring less overlap

Improve Overall Efficiencies:

  • Direct B2B support and in-field technical phone support
  • Integrated Gimballed sensors for linear feature mapping (roads rail, pipelines etc)
  • Fully autonomous missions including automatic landing

Extend Performance:

  • Environment Specific Upgrades (High Altitude, high wind etc)
  • EVLOS platforms

Achieve Safety in the Air:

  • Advanced flight control software with inflight safety option suite
  • Dual UAV Control systems
  • Single or dual operator
  • Triple flight override control
  • Flight termination anytime with parachute recovery
  • Geofencing,
  • Orbit On Demand, Return To Home,
  • Land Now options
  • Nav light options
  • GPS Tracker options
  • High Viz company livery option


Achieve Safety on the Ground:

  • Safe launch procedures created through five years experience of ground operations
  • Hand launch or bungee launch options provide safest launch option for all environments
  • Full training schedules

QuestUAV provides surveying and GIS professionals with the most accurate, dependable, easy to use surveying drones. By deploying resilient tools built for accurate quality data acquisition even in harsh environmental conditions, professionals around the globe can operate in the field with total confidence in their equipment. 

When working with QuestUAV, professionals do not simply purchase a drone platform that will do the job - it's a smart investment in what we call a 'technology partnership' that includes custom end-to-end solutions, B2B support and training that best fit your current and future requirements. Investing in a technology partnership with QuestUAV, maximises productivity and dynamically changes with your business demands.

Professional Survey Sensors and Optics

Key to surveyors and GIS professionals is good data, good software and good people.

To acquire good data our rugged, persistent platforms carry and protect the best sensors. Sony Exmor CMOS sensors produce high resolution, detailed imagery with minimal noise and notable low light quality. Following extensive research and development, QuestUAV now only use Sony Prime lenses for RGB work, which produce the sharpest, detailed,  high resolution imagery with minimal artefacts.

The Sony sensor is housed within an integrated gimbal, with inbuilt vibration isolation. It yields quality data even in adverse weather conditions, or when tasked on demanding mapping applications such as linear infrastructure mapping (roads, rail, pipelines).

All QuestUAV drones come with other hot-swappable sensor options including the multi-spectral Micascense Rededge, and radiometric thermal solutions: vital for efficient acquisition of multiple data streams.

Data captured with a QuestUAV can seamlessly be imported into all the major survey and GIS software packages – giving professionals everything they need to get on with the real business of data analysis and providing useful answers to problems.





Industrial Grade Aerial Survey Drone

Inspired by survey professionals around the world, the DATAhawk drone is a rugged, capable mapping drone ideal for repeat operations.  The DATAhawk drone package provides consistent results no matter what the terrain or environment is like.

Single operator, hand launch. Achieve easy acquisition of accurate geodata to a spatial accuracy of 3.2 cm over areas up to 350ha.

A gimballed camera,  parachute and options for operations in high altitudes make the DATAhawk an ideal survey drone.

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Advanced Aerial Survey Drone & Data Analysis

Fly further, carry more sensors, achieve larger surveys under the toughest conditions.

The rugged SURVEYOR PRO is a 5kg, 2m wingspan fixed wing survey drone well suited for regular fliers operating in a commercial team.

The SURVEYOR PRO package is aimed at surveyors who need accurate, consistent and reliable data, along with the equipment, software and training necessary to perform a high-quality survey job time and time again with their survey drone.

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Post Processing Kinematics Drone & Data Analysis

The QuestUAV Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) drone combines high-resolution aerial photography with high-accuracy topographic data.

A dual band GPS/GLONASS receiver on board the PPK drone allows cm-level position referencing of orthomosaics and 3D models without the need on physical Ground Control Points (GCPs).



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Co-Authors Kerstin Traut, Nigel King and Ruairi Hardman A QuestUAV Case Study from Kazakhstan INTRODUCTION Mine operators know that safety precautions are of utmost importance in the daily routine at a mining site. Conventional surveying methods involved considerable effort and resources on the ground. Starting with electronic tachometers and later with ground GPS, surveyors have […]

QuestUAV Provide Own PPK Solution For Q-200

QuestUAV Provides Own PPK Solution For Q-200 Surveyor UAV   PPK (Post-Processing Kinematic) provides much higher accuracy in GPS location when stored against images taken in a UAV. Standard GPS signals are accurate to 10's of metres - PPK increases that accuracy to cm-levels. On board the Q-200 UAV, PPK eliminates the need for physical […]


QuestUAV Sensor Gimbals Improve Flight Efficiency By More Than 15 Percent INTRODUCTION Demands on fixed wing drones are growing continually. Other than copter drones, fixed wing platforms are generally used to cover large areas (hundreds of hectares) in a short amount of time. Standards on flight endurance and efficient area coverage are growing throughout different […]


Select dataset (e.g. Urban Survey) then click on square at top of image.  This will open a viewer. 


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