Drones for Mining


Drones for Mining









We are fully aware of the critical focus on safety when it comes to drones in mining operations. Our products and training centre around this key attribute.

Features such as No-Stored-Energy during pre-launch, triple redundancy flight control, remote operations and parachute landing all show our safety heritage for mining operations.

Reach high risk areas where the use of a drone is not only cost effective option but a much safer option.  The use of the right drone/UAV saves on man hours and prevents personnel having to move around a mine in order to achieve accurate survey information.

We also know just how hostile a mine site can be. Abrasive, dusty, harsh, rocky. Steep sided walls with inaccessible zones. Tough bodies, protected sensors are required.   RGB, Thermal, Multispectral variants.

Drones can assist mining operations; 





 Safety and Risk Management

  • Slump prediction, stability monitoring
  • Erosion detection
  • Asset Location
  • Damage Assessment
  • Incident Monitoring
  • Livestock location

Daily Routines and Control

  • Regular Safety Site Survey
  • Management Planning
  • Security and Asset Protection

Monthly Routines

  • Mapping inaccessible areas
  • Boundary management

Strategic Planning

  • Pit and Leach Pad Design
  • Road design
  • Slope Assessment



  • Stockpile Volumetric Calculation  
  • Mobile and Static Resources Calculation


  • Boundary dispute data
  • Incident Data Capture


  • Water Leakage Detection
  • Vegetation Encroachment
  • Tailings management and assessment


  • Track and Access condition
  • Watershed, drainage, hydrology
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Leach Pad Construction, Change and Erosion


QuestUAV Mining Products



Multi-Sensor, High Visibility, 5kg Drone. The Q-200 Surveyor  is designed for large area coverage and operations in tougher wind conditions and where a greater VLOS range is required for larger surveys. This equipment is popular on large mines or groups of mines where drone teams are trained for all year round use.

Hand Launched, 2kg Drone. The QuestUAV DATAHawk is ideal for mining sites that are new to fixed wing drone operations, or already have a fleet of small fixed wing drones but want to have more control over their fleet.  The QuestUAV DATAHawk is resistant to eagle attacks, has a large area coverage, and a high-grade sensor with 3cm resolution from 400ft make the DATAhawk a prime candidate as a successful fixed-wing drone for your company. 


Complete Commercial Mining Drone solutions



1. The Fully Featured Solution: 

This solution comprises highly trained crews operating one or more Surveyor Pro UAS on a daily basis, backed by maintenance, spares, support and a range of sensors. Pilot, Commander and Spotter are trained to work in other operational support roles such as data processing, maintenance and site risk assessment. A number of crews can be trained at the mine site(s) no matter where it is in the world. 

2. The Cost Effective Drone Solution:

Ideal formal service providers. A single pilot operating one of our DATAhawk, hand launch UAS. Single pilot keeps costs down, shorter training focusses on operating the UAV for a variety of surveys and different mine sites. 

Other solutions: QuestUAV has a range of custom solutions, created from the experience of operating in many mines in Australia, South Africa, Africa in general, South America and Canada. Our drones are popular for their ruggedness and for the ongoing support that we offer.  Drones in general can bring great efficiencies and increase safety. Our UAV's are built with high-quality materials for tough terrains and are also resistant to eagle attacks! 

Negotiating Contracts.  We are experienced in managing the corporate decision-making processes.  Contact us to find out more. 






“The theory is supported by the practice. Already there is noticeable progress.”

“Yes, training is not simple, it is very detailed and takes days. The UAS is not just a gadget with a remote - there is a laptop-based station with special control programmes installed on it. Flight trajectory and all flight data is displayed and so on. Another important moment is launch - everything needs to be timed, observed and adjusted for - wind speed, direction, hand position, etc.”




QuestUAV Mining Services



Training. QuestUAV provides full manufacturer training and operational conversion training, within the UK and at your site, wherever it is in the world. 

Product Customisation. You may require changes to an off the shelf design in order to fine tune for your operations and environment.  Its what we are about: bringing the best to our clients, worldwide. High Altitude, extended VLOS, BLOS. 


We fly the survey for you. You may need surveying services rather than the expense of running a fleet of UAV and a flying team. Call us to understand how our worldwide team of experienced pilots and surveyors can help you achieve a better return in investment with this route. 

DATA and GIS Processing. Whether completing early stage data processing or providing in-depth GIS training, allow QuestUAV to provide a solution that will develop your company from its current capability into a functioning geomatic data provider with rapid response times. 





Reviews, Articles and Case Studies


Co-Authors Kerstin Traut, Nigel King and Ruairi Hardman A QuestUAV Case Study from Kazakhstan INTRODUCTION Mine operators know that safety precautions are of utmost importance in the daily routine at a mining site. Conventional surveying methods involved considerable effort and resources on the ground. Starting with electronic tachometers and later with ground GPS, surveyors have […]

QuestUAV Provide Own PPK Solution For Q-200

QuestUAV Provides Own PPK Solution For Q-200 Surveyor UAV   PPK (Post-Processing Kinematic) provides much higher accuracy in GPS location when stored against images taken in a UAV. Standard GPS signals are accurate to 10's of metres - PPK increases that accuracy to cm-levels. On board the Q-200 UAV, PPK eliminates the need for physical […]

Demonstration of High Geospatial Accuracy Achieved by a Fixed Wing UAV | QuestUAV News

Demonstration of High Geospatial Accuracy Achieved by a Fixed Wing UAV1 (3cm) pixel accuracy across 2 Km grid using a QuestUAV Surveyor Pro UAV1 Survey Objectives and Deliverable ItemsThe purpose of this survey was to achieve a high accuracy topographic map and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of a study area in a foreign country that:(a) was […]

Drone Training

Learn from the Professionals Training Overview Your Drone Training with QuestUAV Profit,  consistency, ongoing reliability. Each is crucially important for a successful drone operation,  but none just happens "out of the box" despite the claims of any other manufacturer.   Effective training is the critical element in releasing the true potential of a professional drone.    Critical subjects […]


Fixed-Wing Drone Benefits



Mine Safety Improvements. No surveyors or workers need be exposed to danger within a pit during a survey. Only a drone pilot or team needs to be on the surface, and in a safe location far away from the pit or stockpile. 

Cost reduction. A number one priority for mine operators and stakeholders facing global uncertainty. Automated drone based workflows bring low-cost technology; many key processes to become more cost efficient and help towards greater profitability.

Stockpile and Volumetric Calculation. Hours rather than days or weeks are all that is needed for accurate assessments with fixed wing drones. 

Accurate, Engineering Grade Data. No longer are surveyors subject to the limitations of normal GPS positioning. PPK and RTK provide data accurate to cm level in x, y and z. 

Dangerous areas surveying. Survey high-risk areas, or dangerous occurrence zones, that are inaccessible by humans. Use thermal or multispectral sensors to gain accurate data for accident or disaster management. 



Mining Drone Open Pit Flythrough


"With our background from the aviation industry, we recognise and value the quality of the system, manuals and professional attitude by the people at QuestUAV."

- Fredrik Nerdal