Advanced Agriculture Technology and Data Analysis

Q-200 Agri Pro

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Q200 Agri Pro Fixed Wing Drone

A complete system based on a 5kg modular fixed wing UAS, with our changeable sensor pod systems (Q-Pods)

Q200 Agri Pro Fixed Wing Drone

Advanced Agriculture Technology & Data Analysis

The QuestUAV Q-200 Agri Pro is an agriculture fixed wing drone that has been designed to allow you to capture the all important data in the quickest way possible, drastically saving you time and money.

The data capable of capturing covers a wide range of applications and industry including agriculture for crop health and land survey (5cm res), archaeology for vegetation analysis and forestry for tree health.

The QuestUAV Q-200 Agri Pro Fixed Wing Drone solution is aimed at the advanced user who is looking to obtain high-grade data and accuracy.

The Q-200 Agri Pro Fixed Wing Drone is for is best suited for more established users who are looking to invest long term. The solution is aimed at allowing the user to remain active in their service for longer by providing everything necessary to perform their job and to remain consistently airworthy, saving them time, resources and costs.


Why Choose the Q200 Agri Pro Fixed Wing Drone?



Q200 Agri Pro Agriculture Fixed Wing Drone

The inbuilt telemetry solution provides two levels of data to the ground essential flight critical and mission management information with the option of full aircraft state and instrumentation outputs.

The powerful software suite includes both routine operational mission management and an integrated data acquisition system.

Data can be logged to file for inspection after the flight.

Twin Gimbal System

Q200 Agri Pro Agriculture Drone

At the heart of the UAV sits our acclaimed Twin NDVI sensor, suitable for high-resolution analysis of vegetation and crop health as well as high-quality ortho and DEM generation.

The twin setup allows for both NIR and RGB capture to take place during just one mission.

Parachute Recovery

Parachute Icon

Create a safer and easier operating environment with our parachute function. This makes the general operation of the agriculture drone simpler for inexperienced users, or for landing in small spaces.

The parachute is deployed through a switch on the pilot’s transmitter, giving the pilot control over the exact time of deployment - a key factor in any successful UAV drone parachute deployment.

The parachute can also be deployed as a safety function should the pilot consider that the UAV or the flight is in danger.


Modular Technology

Modular Technology Icon

QuestUAV uses Modular Q-Pod technology to allow several payload bays to attach to your drone. Opt for different sensors or upgrade to new sensors when they become available.

This technology is a breakthrough in low-cost commercial drones, giving you an unparalleled capability to benefit from the latest sensor designs and developments.


5cm Accuracy


 At the heart of the Q-200 AGRI Agriculture Drone sits our acclaimed Twin NDVI sensor, suitable for high-resolution analysis of vegetation and crop health as well as high-quality ortho and DEM generation.

The twin setup allows for both NIR and RGB capture to take place during just one mission. Combined with a 5cm resolution at 400ft this sensor provides a host of benefits for the agronomist and archaeologist.

The twin camera solution ensures that light and nadir are captured at exactly the same time – a major flaw in single camera systems.

No more having to fly two separate missions (like some of our competitors) to obtain both sets of data, then undergoing the messy, time-consuming task of matching these up with each other! 

Flight Automation

Q-100 DATAhawk ag |  QuestUAV autopilot icon

Our autopilots provide selectable levels of user control from full autonomy to manual override. In full autonomous mode, the autopilot provides auto-launch, way-point navigation, task/payload management and auto-recovery solutions.

In assisted mode, the autopilot provides stabilised flight control in pitch, roll and yaw.

Manual override provides the operator with the ability to take complete control at any time during the flight.

What Comes in the Q-200 Agri Pro Package?


  • Sensor Ready AGRI Q-Pod x 2
  • QuestUAV Platform A Frame With Auto Pilot System
  • Ruggedised Wingset
  • Laptop Groundstation
  • Flight Planning Control Software
  • Pix4Dmapper Discovery Post Processing Software
  • Twin Lumix NDVI System (RGB x 1, NIR x 1)
  • Spectrum DX9 2.4Ghz control Transmitter
  • Programmable Battery Charger
  • Transmitter Case
  • Safe Launch Bungee System
  • Ruggedised Sensor Gimbal
  • 600 Watt Brushless Motor System
  • 5000mah 11.1v Lipo Battery x 4
  • Watt Meter
  • Servo Tester
  • Windmeter
  • Wind Sock
  • Groundstation Stand
  • Rugged Transport Case
  • Spare Wingtip Set x 4
  • Spare Carbon Spars x 2
  • Spare Electronic Speed Controller x 2
  • Spare Propeller x 6
  • Spares & Repairs Tool Kit
Q200 Agri Pro Agriculture Drone



Post Processing Software

Once your mission has been completed and your data have been collected, the next step is to process this data to acquire the information you require to make the all important decisions.

Upgrade this package with industry standard leading Pix4Dmapper software to generate high resolution georeferenced, survey-grade accurate orthomosaics, DSMs and Point clouds in a few clicks.

The fully automated workflow enables a non-specialist to process thousands of aerial images on a desktop computer to produce professional class photogrammetric data.


Long Range, Long Endurance

When upgrading to our "LRLE" option there is complete pod overhaul which allows the user to expand the battery capacity from the standard 10,000mah to a massive 25,000mah! Thus increasing the UAV's mission duration as well as increasing the potential size of the survey area.


Tablet Ground Station

Be even more mobile by upgrading to our dedicated standalone ground station control tablet. Control all missions directly from the touchscreen tablet. No need for bulky laptops that require you to set up on stands.

Please note when upgrading to the tablet option the default laptop will be removed from the package.


Additional Q-Pods

Expand your imaging capability with different sensor pods.

The Q-200 has interchangeable pods that allow the full range of sensors that QuestUAV carry to be installed on one Q-200 System. 

High Res RGB, IR, NDVI, Multispectral, Thermal, Gas Sensing. Multiple sensors. We have 20 different designs of pods that will attach to any Q-200 system. Contact us for more information and prices.