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QuestUAV Survey Datasets


Agri - Pineapple Plantation, Indonesia

Q-200 Agri and Gimballed NDVI Sensor

Agri - Winter Wheat Agricultural Survey

UK Farm using DATAhawk

Archaeology - Castle, UK. Warkworth Castle

Warkworth Castle with Q-200 Surveyor Pro

Archaeology - 380Ha Site, Cyprus

DATAhawk with gimballed QX1 sensor

Mining - UK, "Northumberland". Cultural Landfill

Q-200 and gimballed Sony A 6000

Mining & Waste Management

Q-200 Surveyor Pro

Survey - High Accuracy Coastal Survey

PPK/RTK test site using PPK Q-200 Surveyor

Survey - Rock Platform Study- Howick, UK

Q-200 Surveyor and Gimballed Sony A6000