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Industrial Survey Drone for Construction and Mining

The DATAhawk Drone


DATAhawkag Starter Kit

Fly more days, fly more missions, achieve construction grade data with minimum downtime.

The DATAhawk Survey Drone has many benefits when it comes to overall performance including larger sensors, better wind performance and gimballed cameras are key factors that the DATAhawk benefits from.

Providing easy acquisition of accurate geodata for survey mapping and GIS professionals, this survey drone will automatically convert your high-res data into geo-referenced 2D orthomosiacs, 3D models and point clouds giving fast and reliable results... every flight.

DATAhawk Specifications
SpecificationLiteStandardHigh Altitude
Take off weight1995g2150g2200g
Wing Area47 dm247 dm256dm2
Visibility Range (Normal Eyesight)750m750m850m
Full Pilot Control (Automatic, Assisted, Manual)YesYesYes
Waypoint RoutingYesYesYes
Waypoint Redirection in FlightYesYesYes
Ballistic Parachute (Safety + Vertical recoveryYesYesYes
Width / Length RTF117 cm x 75 cm--
Height With/Without Wingtips115mm / 140mm115mm / 140mm115mm / 140mm
Primary MaterialEPP Foam, Carbon CompositesEPP FoamEPP Foam
PropulsionBrushless 360W Axi motor.Brushless 360W Axi motor.Brushless 360W Axi motor.
Electric Pusher Propeller9 x 69 x 69 x 6, 10 x 7
Launch MethodHand Launch/ Airdock LaunchHand Launch/ Airdock LaunchHand Launch/ Airdock Launch, ZipLine Launch
Battery2  x  11.1 V, 4 000 mAh2  x  11.1 V, 4 000 mAh2  x  11.1 V, 4 000 mAh
Gimbaled CameraUngimballedRoll Axis gimbalRoll Axis gimbal
Camera APSC - C 23.2x15.4TBCSony QX1 25 focus points 20.1MpSony QX1 25 focus points 20.1Mp
Camera OperationManual/AutomaticManual/AutomaticManual/Automatic
Camera Resolution 125/400ftTBC3.2cm3.2cm
Project ManagementYesYesYes
Mission PlanningMultiple FlightsMultiple FlightsMultiple Flights
Automated Pre-Flight ChecksYesYesYes
Automatic Take Off, Flight and LandingYesYesYes
Autonomous Camera TriggeringYesYesYes
Automated Fail-Safe RoutinesYesYesYes
User Controlled Fail-Safe CommandsYesYesYes
Automated Post-Flight ChecksYesYesYes
Endurance< 45mins< 45mins< 45mins
Cruise Speed19m/s19m/s21m/s
Max Cruise Speed25m/s25m/s28m/s
Maximum Ceiling3000ft3000ft10000ft
Recommended Cruise Height AGL120m / 400ft120m / 400ft120m / 400ft
Max Recommended Cruise AGL2000ft AGL2000ft AGL600ft AGL
Max Wind (at Cruise)55kmh/35mph55kmh/35mph55kmh/35mph
Pre-Flight Setup Time5 Minutes5 Minutes8 Minutes
Take off TypeHand/AirdockHand/AirdockHand/Airdock/ZipLine
Take off Angle24 deg25 deg17 deg
Landing TypeParachute / Belly LandingParachute / Belly LandingParachute / Belly Landing
Auto Landing Angle9 deg9 deg9 deg
Manual Landing Angle0 to 30deg0 to 30deg0 to 30deg

Primary Features

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  • Large Area Coverage (up to 380Ha)
  • Prime Camera (Sony QX1), Full Control
  • Rugged design; User Replaceable Parts
  • Gimballed Camera; Better Coverage 
  • Parachute; Easy Landings
  • Whole System in One Box
  • Full Manuals and Support Website
  • High Altitude Version  - Free Upgrade
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Volume Discount

Three versions.  Under 2kg (just!) lightweight. Approx 2.15 Kg full livery, gimbal.  2.2 Kg High Altitude, big wings, full livery

Look no further.  The DATAhawk is your answer. 


 2kg Platform.
A Natural Upgrade

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Bigger and Better. There are a few sub 1kg drones on the market that are excellent in what they can achieve, but due to their size become limited in payload and performance, particularly in higher or turbulent winds.

We asked our customers who are already users of small fixed wing drones what they want and their answers were as follows:

  • A survey drone and system that we can have more control of and get more out of as a result
  • Easy launch (we have three methods of launch - Hand, Airlock and Launch Line)
  • Parachute and Autolanding capability
  • A drone that will fly further and manage higher winds
  • A survey drone that we can be trusted (and trained) to fix ourselves in the field or back at base when it gets damaged and run our own maintenance and servicing schedule
  • A really good, gimballed camera that we can control in auto settings and manual settings for optimised data quality. 

Rugged, Reliable,
Rapidly Deployed

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A hand-launched, 2kg drone that is exceptionally easy to launch with para-recovery for safe operation in confined environments.

The DATAhawk Survey Drone is available with the new QuestUAV AirDock Drone Launch System and Mini-Zip Drone Launch for high altitude operations.

Our unique launch systems allow more efficient launches for different environments and safety requirements and provide greater separation between Pilot and aircraft during the safety-critical launch phase of a mission.

Easy Workflows

Q-100 DATAhawk |  MAC Agisoft Screen

Workflows. Learn the whole process of creating a top quality, sellable, orthomosaic right from pre-survey to a client deliverable. This classic workflow is one of many QuestUAV produces for professional users.

The survey, agriculture, 3D, video flythrough, volumetric calculation, NDVI and many more workflows unravel the secrets to creating high quality, profitable data.

Survey Training

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Our online training will get you airborne. However to get the most from your DATAhawk Survey Drone, we recommend a full-time two or three-day training course with QuestUAV trainers, engineers and data processors, held at our technology centre in England. 

Enrol on our dedicated DATAhawk online training course which includes everything you need to know in order to get airborne safely and operate in your own environment.

The package includes written content, videos and practical learning. The course also includes dedicated, face to face, online consultation time with a QuestUAV DATAhawk engineer.


Brand Reliability

British Superquality

Current Users. Do you already own, use and benefit from the strengths of a full-size QuestUAV Q-200 Surveyor drone or Q-200 Agri drone?

Smaller Option. Many operators around the world fly our drones successfully on a daily basis in challenging surrounding, but look for a smaller drone that encompasses all the benefits of the larger machines, that is lighter and easier to launch.

Enter the DATAhawk. Bringing the quality of the QuestUAV brand and its heritage into a powerful, smart and lightweight fixed wing solution.

Easy Upgrade. And if you already own a QuestUAV then the upgrade is even simpler. Same planning tools, similar workflows, simple accreditation, same software. Just a smaller drone.


“During training,  you get under the skin of the company and that makes the difference. You work with the people that actually make the UAVs.”  

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