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DATAhawk AG Agriculture Drone

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DATAhawk AG Agriculture Drone

 A 2kg Fixed Wing Drone for Agri-Mapping


Large Area Agri-Mapping with the DATAhawk AG

The QuestUAV DATAhawk AG agriculture drone has been designed to capture valuable crop data over multiple fields in one flight and in challenging weather. Its MicaSense RedEdgetm has proven workflows, and the solution is a popular solution all over the work for agronomists needing quality, large area crop data.

Nitrogen levels, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), crop health and disease.  Use the system to track current crop status, change, and to detect early stages events.

The DATAhawk AG is backed by the QuestUAV commitment to quality support and training that hundreds of users have already benefited from.

Technical Information

Data processing

DATAhawk Launch

Multispectral Field Monitoring with the QuestUAV DATAhawkAG, MicaSense RedEdge and MicaSense ATLAS

QuestUAV’s All-Round Package for Precision Agriculture Mapping Multispectral Field Monitoring with the QuestUAV DATAhawkAG, MicaSense RedEdge and MicaSense ATLAS Simple Mapping Workflow - Quality Data - Better Decisions Aerial images captured with a drone is a great asset for growers and agronomists. They can monitor the health and vigour and track change over time. When […]

What Comes in the DATAhawkAG Package?

  • Complete Datahawk with:
    • Body
    • Wingset
    • Autopilot
    • Telemetry
    • Parachute
    • MicaSense RedEdge Camera
    • Rugged Carry Box
  • Spars (carbon fibre) x 2
  • AirDock hand launcher
  • QuestUAV 4000MaH LiPo Battery x 4
  • LiPo Battery Charger & XT60 Battery Lead
  • Propellers x 3
  • Spares and Repairs Toolkit
  • DX9 Transmitter
  • Transmitter SD Card (128)
  • Transmitter Strap
  • Transmitter Charger
  • Laptop
  • 2.4 Ghz GCS Pack
  • Camera Battery Charger
  • Camera SD Card
DATAhawk Box and drone

Why Choose the DATAhawk AG Drone?

More Missions / More Flying Days

parachute shadow icon

Achieve more flying days with an airframe designed specifically for repeat operations, despite the weather. A bigger, tougher, more stable airframe capable of managing winds significantly higher than the cruise speed of an eBee, combined with a parachute capability for increased safety. And not one has been lost to Eagle attack.

Being easily repaired after a heavy landing makes this drone a dream for a commercial operator.   High density EPP foam and carbon fibre composites create a well proven design. Pod and Wings can be purchased separately as spares.   


AirDock Solo Launch System

White Air Dock Icon

A hand-launched, 2kg drone that is exceptionally easy to launch with para-recovery for safe operation in confined environments.
The DATAhawk Agriculture Drone is available with the new QuestUAV AirDock Launch System and Mini-Zip Launch for high altitude operations.
Our unique launch systems allow more efficient launches for different environments and safety requirements and provide greater separation between pilot and aircraft during the safety-critical launch phase of a mission.

Stable Flight / Great Imagery

Q-100 DATAhawk ag |  QuestUAV autopilot icon

A smooth flight, gimballed sensors, advanced aerodynamics and configuration options for different environments all provide the conditions for quality data gathering that are missing with other drones.  

Safety is paramount too: Our autopilots also provide selectable levels of user control from full-autonomy to manual override. In full autonomous mode, the autopilot provides auto-launch, way-point navigation, task/payload management and auto-recovery solutions. In assisted mode, the autopilot provides stabilised flight control in pitch, roll and yaw. Manual override provides the operator with the ability to take complete control at any time during the flight.

Mission Planning

DATAhawk <sup>ag</sup> Agriculture Drone

Standard mission planning functionality is available and includes common tasks such as survey, monitoring and data acquisition.

Simple to use software enables operators to automatically generate survey grids, select payload and camera settings, place navigation waypoints, home position and emergency reference point.

Safety settings, including maximum distance limits, battery condition and data-link quality provide additional mission management functions.

2kg Platform

DATAhawk ag Agriculture Drone Products

There are many sub 1kg platforms on the market that are excellent in what they can achieve, but due to their size become limited in payload and performance, particularly in higher or turbulent winds.

The DATAhawk Agriculture Drone is a natural progression from this because of the following:

  • An agriculture drone and system that you can have more control of and get more out of as a result
  • A drone that will fly further and manage higher winds
  • An agriculture drone that you can be trusted (and trained) to fix yourselves in the field or back at base and run your own maintenance and servicing schedule


DATAhawk <sup>ag</sup> Agriculture Drone

The inbuilt telemetry solution provides two levels of data to the ground: essential flight critical and mission management information with the option of full aircraft state and instrumentation outputs.

The powerful software suite includes both routine operational mission management and an integrated data acquisition system.

Data can be logged to file for inspection after the flight.



Post Processing Software

Whilst the primary agricultural processing is done remotely through Micasense ATLAS, other processing packages can still be used, such as Pix4Dmapper.  This is software to generate high resolution georeferenced, survey-grade accurate orthomosaics, DSMs and Point clouds in a few clicks. The fully automated workflow enables a non-specialist to process thousands of aerial images on a desktop computer to produce professional class photogrammetric data.


High Altitude

When upgrading to our High Altitude option there is a new set of wings, new autopilot configuration files, new launch system and new training video to watch.  The DATAhawk has flown at 10,000ft with this addition. 


Tablet Ground Station

Be even more mobile by upgrading to our dedicated standalone ground station control tablet. Control all missions directly from the touchscreen tablet. No need for bulky laptops that require you to set up on stands.