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Industrial Grade Aerial Survey Drone

Inspired by survey professionals around the world, the DATAhawk drone is a rugged, capable mapping drone ideal for repeat operations.  The DATAhawk drone package provides consistent results no matter what the terrain or environment is like.

Single operator, hand launch. Achieve easy acquisition of accurate geodata to a spatial accuracy of 3.2 cm over areas up to 350ha.

A gimballed camera,  parachute and options for operations in high altitudes make the DATAhawk an ideal survey drone.

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High Precision Mapping Drone

DATAhawkPPK is our ultra high-accuracy fixed wing drone package for professional surveyors that need maximum geospatial precision for their customers.

The DATAhawkPPK drone produces repeatable, industry leading results. Unlike our competitors, the Datahawk is equipped with a dual-frequency L1/L2 receiver tracking both GPS and GLONASS
signals. 132 hardware channels allow to simultaneously track all visible GPS/GLONASS satellites.

Compact Agriculture Drone

The QuestUAV DATAhawkag is an agriculture drone that has been designed with the agronomist and farmer in mind. A multispectral sensor captures all important vegetation and disease data in the quickest way possible, drastically saving you time and money.

The MicaSense RedEdgetm is the sensor of choice, with its 5 bands of reflectance to interpret using standard tools such as Pix4D.

Single operator, hand launch and parachute are all prime benefits of the DATAhawkag agriculture drone.

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Advanced Aerial Survey Drone & Data Analysis

Fly further, carry more sensors, achieve larger surveys under the toughest conditions.

The rugged SURVEYOR PRO is a 5kg, 2m wingspan fixed wing survey drone well suited for regular fliers operating in a commercial team.

The SURVEYOR PRO package is aimed at surveyors who need accurate, consistent and reliable data, along with the equipment, software and training necessary to perform a high-quality survey job time and time again with their survey drone.

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PPK Drone & Data Analysis

The QuestUAV Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) drone combines high-resolution aerial photography with high-accuracy topographic data.

A dual band GPS/GLONASS receiver on board the PPK drone allows cm-level position referencing of orthomosaics and 3D models without the need on physical Ground Control Points (GCPs).



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Advanced Agriculture Drone & Data Analysis

The AGRI PRO is an agriculture drone designed to be operated by professional teams that need to run a regular flying program of agricultural assessments. 

The AGRI PRO drone is generally modified to suit a client's particular needs, but generally carries a gimballed multispectral sensor, a parachute and can fly up to one hour.  

QuestUAV provides training and workflows for agricultural drone uses and plantation analysis. 

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Q-200 Extreme Environments Customisation

High Altitude, Arctic, Hot Climates, Hostile Terrain, Wind and Turbulence are just a few of the challenging environments that the company has tackled over the last decade. 

The result is products, drones and task specific training that allow an end user to capture worthwhile data under these challenging conditions. 

The experience has given QuestUAV a world class heritage in innovation and the understanding of specific needs for widely differing applications.




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Q-200 Water Resources Management Package

Water Resources Management (WRM) requires many difficult tasks to be undertaken such a monitoring soil erosion, water balance, recharge, flood, drought, water leaks, water quality, crop water, soil moisture, runoff, invasive species, wetlands, reservoir content.etc.

This package based on the Q-200 with a range of RGB, IR, Multispectral and Thermal sensors fixed an assist managers to undertake this kind of work, but at a finer scale and with greater immediacy than other methods such as satellite data and conventional aerial photography. 




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Q-200 QPODS.  Twenty different designs of Pods, carrying different sensors and different combinations of sensors.  From the standard Surveyor POD with high res Gimballed Sony a6000 to specialised  pods for advanced agriculture carrying thermal or hyper spectral sensors.

Spares Packs.  We carry a range of spares for every product. Sensors, gimbals, wings, pods, spars, batteries etc.  Contact us for more information.

Mission Kits and Toolkits.  A Battery mission kit.  A Spares Mission kit and a Propulsion Mission Kit. Plus a DATAhawk or Q-200 toolkit.

Launch Kits. DATAhawk and  Q-200 Launchlines.  The DATAhawk Airdock.                                                                                                                

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DATAhawk and DATAhawkag

Q-200 Surveyor Pro and Agri Pro

Q-200 PPK High Accuracy Surveyor Pro

Q-200 Water Management  

Extreme Environment Drones



Q-200 Q-Pods (different sensor packs)

Spares for DATAhawk Series of Drones

Spares for Q-200 Series of Drones

Launch Equipment for all models

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