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Grande Cote Operations

Grande Cote Operations

Papa Mamadou Diouf (Grande Cote Operations) recently visited QuestUAV to complete his training for the Q-200 UAV system.

If you want to learn more about what our UAV is being used for click on the link below.

Papa Mamadou Diouf (Grande Cote Operations)
Papa Mamadou Diouf completing flight training

“I have had an excellent time with the QuestUAV Team.  This was a great opportunity for me to visit Northumberland, the English hospitality and the professionalism of QuestUAV was amazing.  It has been wonderful, excellent, I have really enjoyed my experience here” – Papa Mamadou Diouf – Grande Cote Operations

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Precision Capture Partnership With QuestUAV

Precision Capture Testimonial

"Our time here has been great! The manufacturers training has been excellent, very hands on with the product and a lot to take in. Stuart has been a wonderful instructor and we couldn't have asked for a better host on both a professional and personal level. The facilities at QuestUAV are excellent and we feel like we have a thorough foundation of the understanding of a QuestUAV" - Precision Capture 

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BTBT Testimonial |  Beijing Topcon Business and Trade

Beijing Topcon Business & Trade

We are always looking to expand our range of imaging products, we have a desire to discover products globally that meet our and our customer’s needs”

“We were keen to learn about QuestUAV both before and during our UK training, but it was wonderful to find that the quality of staff and equipment was very high”

“We have some very experienced technicians available across the region and we are looking forward to working with QuestUAV to influence the UAS landscape in China”

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Testimonials |  Texo Drone Testimonial

Texo DSI

"QuestUAV were extremely helpful in training me and ensuring that I had the knowledge of the Q200- PPK platform prior to practical and post processing training thereby increasing the learning speed during the entire training period"

"Stu was very good at getting his point across in a calm and precise manner making it easier to get to grips quickly with the Q200-PPK"

"Overall we are very happy with the training and the whole teams friendly approachable manner, it was a well delivered training course with Stu offering valuable insight to the platform thus ensuring a smooth transition from rotary to fixed wing"

- James

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Kaust Testimonial |  Kaust Training


“The training was very good. We had a thorough understanding of the safety checks that were needed before the aircraft was airborne. After that, we could manage to fully plan a mission and create it perfectly. Flying under British weather will certainly prepare us for almost any kind of weather we will face. Keep up the good work!” – Luca


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Marine Science Support Ltd Testimonial |  MSS Fieldwork

Marine Science Support Ltd Testimonial

"We have been both customers and subcontractors of QuestUAV over the last few years and have always found QuestUAV to be exceptionally knowledgeable and approachable. The QuestUAV team are constantly developing their products and have always been on hand to provide assistance and answer queries quickly."

"We are commercial UAV operators and are very pleased with our QuestUAV Q-200 Surveyor, we found the purchasing process and especially the training from the QuestUAV team to be professional, efficient and particularly enjoyable."

"Whilst working alongside QuestUAV on commercial jobs, we have first-hand experience of their technical ability and scale of flying operations possible with long-range flying capability covering huge distances with both roving pilots and remote observers. We would highly recommend QuestUAV, not only for the excellent products, but also their approach to client interaction, training and commercial service provision."

Dr Roger Phillips, CEO

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Manchester University Testimonial |  Manchester University Training

Manchester University Testimonial

"Excellent instruction in the field. Good knowledge of UAV and software always able to answer our questions. Great coverage of all the aspects of flying a UAV and processing the data. Friendly and approachable instructors who provided excellent instruction on all aspects of flying a UAV and data processing"

Laura Edwards

"Really clear information and explanations. Very informative. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. Lots of handouts/documentation, which we can refer back to at a later date. Really good practical help in the field. Excellent two days training. Really helpful instructors who helped us gain confidence in flying the UAV. Cant wait to go back and try it out for real!"

Angela Harris

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