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Q200 Water Resource

The Environmental Institute of Houston have obtained their FAA approval for the QuestUAV AQUA drone for flights

The Environmental Institute of Houston have obtained their FAA approval for the QuestUAV AQUA drone for flights


After a successful application round, the EIH and the QuestUAV AQUA drone have been awarded FAA approval to fly missions within the United States for research and mapping. A process that started in August 2015 has concluded and work has begun to collect data for ongoing research projects.

Environmental Institute of Houston

Shallow Reef Mapping

Mapping shallow reefs is usually impeded by navigation and the inability to use traditional survey methods. The use of UAV photography combined with digital image processing techniques provide more effective way for mapping and assessing these reefs. The project aims to map the physical extent and conditions of intertidal oyster reefs for assessing the current status of oyster population and hard bottom habitat within an estuary as well as to provide information needed for ongoing oyster conservation and restoration efforts. The study site is located in Bastrop Bay near the city of Houston, Texas.

Shallow Reef Mapping in Bastrop Bay
Shallow Reef Mapping in Bastrop Bay


Environmental Institue of Houston - EIH

The University of Houston-Clear Lake established the Environmental Institute of Houston (EIH) in 1991 to address regional issues of environmental concern. Since then, the institute has become a leader in building partnerships in research, education and outreach.

Environmental Institute of Houston

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Sequoia, QuestUAV and Pix4Dmapper-Ag - the dawn of a new era in multispectral imaging | 3

Sequoia, QuestUAV and Pix4Dmapper-Ag – the dawn of a new era in multispectral imaging

Sequoia, QuestUAV and Pix4Dmapper-Ag - the dawn of a new era in multispectral imaging



QuestUAV Ltd are proud to announce their new industrial grade compact mapper will be available with the Parrot Sequoia combined multi-band and RGB sensor. Announced February 9th at the World Ag Expo and launching next month, the new sensor covers four bands at 1.2 megapixels plus a 16 megapixel RGB sensor for the ultimate in multispectral accuracy. QuestUAV are one of the initial integrators of the device for Micasense in fixed wing drones, having already applied the RedEdge technology to their UAV range.


Single Flight Performance

Incorporated into the DATAhawk compact mapper, the Parrot Sequoia captures data near-infrared, red-edge, red and green at 1.2 MP alongside full RGB imagery at 16 MP. Analytical data is well covered, whilst also allowing the drone's operator to fly single missions of up to an hour to collect high resolution imagery for both crop health index maps AND orthomosaics. Pix4Dmapper, the included professional photogrammetry software, makes discerning usable information for adjusting water and feed rates straightforward and can help lead the way to improved yields and profitability.


Sequoia, QuestUAV and Pix4Dmapper-Ag - the dawn of a new era in multispectral imaging | 3

Including Pix4Dmapper-Ag - Simply Powerful

Drones for Mining |  pix4dbanner

Pix4Dmapper Ag converts multispectral images into accurate reflectance and index maps, like NDVI, and uses RGB images to generate high resolution orthomosaics. Easily integrate drone-based technology into your Ag operations, processing locally when and where you want.

Easy workflow. Automated processing for professional maps in one click

Local processing. Work offline, where and when you want

Index calculator. Generate index maps, like NDVI, and convert them into tractor maps

Radiometric accuracy. Optimal results from Ag-designed, multispectral cameras like the Parrot Sequoia and the RedEdge


Available to Pre-order Now!


DATAhawk Ag with the Parrot Sequoia hybrid multispectral or the sibling Micasense RedEdge sensor are available to pre-order immediately.

Contact us for more details.

DATAhawk RedEdge
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Hojung Solutions Co. Ltd Complete Intensive Partner Training | QuestUAV News

Hojung Solutions Co., Ltd Complete Intensive Partner Training

All of us at QuestUAV are very pleased to congratulate Munseok Lee and Jungil Park, of Hojung Solutions Co., Ltd on completion of their partner training.

A two week visit to QuestUAV HQ in sunny Northumberland, predominantly filled with intensive training days, concluded today and after a successful return home they are available for demonstrations within the Republic of Korea - starting with the Q-200 Surveyor Pro.

Q200 Drone Chasers

Contact: Munseok Lee

Telephone: +82-61-802-0007 (061-802-0007)
Mobile Phone: +82-10-2516-7049 (010-2516-7049)

Location: 301ho, 46 Seokhyeon-ro, Mokpo-si (Mokpo Cultural Industry Support Center), Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea

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Skeye Imagery

Skeye Aerial Survey & Inspection’s Angola Project With The QuestUAV | QuestUAV News

Skeye Aerial Survey & Inspection's Angola Project With The QuestUAV

You can find original article here

In 2014 Skeye carried out an additional two projects in Angola. For the Angolese government a number of large areas in the vicinity of Luanda were mapped using drones.

The drones used by Skeye are of the type Bird-Eye (Quest 300). These are fixed unmanned aircraft equipped with a geometrically calibrated camera to take aerial photographs. These photographs, around 80,000 for the two projects, are taken in a special pattern. This pattern is pre-programmed so as to ensure that every image overlaps with the next with a certain percentage. Using additional measurements on the ground with RTK GPS all the images can be stitched together and assigned with the right coordinates.

From the imagery a very detailed 3D digital terrain model was generated and all objects such as houses, roads and vegetation were mapped.

Skeye Digital Terrain Model

3D Digital terrain model

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