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QuestUAV Closes Deal to Map World’s Largest Construction Project

QuestUAV Closes Deal to Map World’s Largest Construction Project

Client comes all the way from Kazakhstan to hand pick his drone


QuestUAV welcomed Paul Reynolds of Aardvark LLP to their head office this week to hand pick his new drone fleet.  QuestUAV and Aardvark are about to embark on mapping the world’s largest construction site in Kazakhstan.

QuestUAV already have a good connection with Kazakhstan after many years supplying drones and having a hands-on approach there in 2016 raising safety and efficiency for a copper mine working with Kazminerals.

Initially approaching QuestUAV for a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to withstand extreme weather and handle temperatures below -24 degrees; a good relationship was already moulded with Aardvark LLP.  Once finding out more about their project QuestUAV were more than happy to supply Aardvark with the most efficient fleet.

They have initially procured two Q200 Surveyor – Extreme Weather Packages to their extensive fleet including the popular PPK Package.

Aardvark recently completed their extensive manufacturers and UK CCA PfCO training at QuestUAV Flight School and are ready to start operating using their new drones in Kazakhstan.

QuestUAV is the longest running fixed wing manufacturer based in the UK.  They Design, Build and Fly small fixed wing unmanned aircraft (sUAV) that carries sensors including high-resolution cameras, infrared, thermal, multispectral and video surveillance.  Their network of clients spans across 6 continents and contains strong links with World-Leading Universities and Research institutions.

Call:  +44 1665 479042


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moulded airframe

Introducing the DATAHawk II

QuestUAV, the UK’s most established fixed-wing UAS developer, has applied its expertise to a new airframe model, the DATAHawk II.  Two years in the making, this new high density moulded design brings improved performance and greatly reduced costs.

The key to its success has come from then listening carefully to what the customer wants, and blending that with the optimum arrangement of components and performance of the final product.

The biggest request we had was for lower prices. In order to achieve that, we needed to reduce our own manufacturing costs and this has meant big changes in the way we work.  Our new business model is leaner and more efficient, meaning we can move cost savings on to the customer.  Choosing to use a pre-cut moulded body for the DATAHawk II was always an option and working alongside DS Smith has proven to be a good partnership and a huge benefit to Quest and its Clients.

DS Smith produced a promotional video all about QuestUAV and how their services helped us move forward with our new business model. Check it out.  We look forward to working them again very soon.

More details of the DATAHawk II will be available publicly soon.  If you would like to know more about its affordable pricing please contact QuestUAV. +44 1665 479042 or make an enquiry using our contact page.

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QuestUAV Clients in Top 20 Drone Service Providers


Drone Industry Insights recently comprised a Top 20 of Drone Service Providers. In this ranking, they displayed the TOP 20 drone-as-a-service companies based on an analysis of 200+ global operating drone service providers. Since the drone industry does not yet offer a solution that can fully incorporate drone services as they currently exist, drone service providers and drone operators working within larger organizations are the ones providing actionable information for clients in agriculture, construction, mining, oil & gas and many other vertical industries.

Within the Top 20 list, there is a chunk of Quest UAV Clients using their Fixed Wing Drone.  We hope that by the end of the year we can help our present and future clients all get into the top 20 of service providers.  Let QuestUAV help you get into the Top 20 and become one of the top drone service providers.

Read more at the Drone Industry Insights website.

Contact or call on +44 1665 479042

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New Drone Partnership Close to Home

Droneflight and QuestUAV: A New Partnership.

QuestUAV embarked on a lengthy Research and Development project spanning 3 years to enable the Datahawk to perform with Post Processing Kinematics (PPK) to deliver Ultra High-Accuracy Precision. The Datahawk PPK has had a good response all over the world so no surprise that a company on their door step was interested in the product.


Droneflight is taking on QuestUAV products that will expand its current foreshore survey work.  Droneflight’s Head Quarters is less than 40 miles South of QuestUAV’s Manufacturing Base. The advanced QuestUAV PPK Datahawk aircraft will complement their current range of multirotor drones.


Nigel King, CEO of QuestUAV, said ‘The Datahawk PPK is a great little aircraft and very well priced; I’m sure this fixed wing choice by Droneflight will help them move forward quickly and with minimum outlay. Andrew of Droneflight said he wanted a fixed wing tough enough and ugly enough to take a good beating; he won’t be disappointed’


Andrew Griffiths, CEO of Droneflight said ‘Working with QuestUAV was a just a sensible business decision. They are a UK based manufacturer so liaison, training and repairs are more easily managed than with a foreign company. We do a lot of foreshore work where PPK is ideal, so the Datahawk PPK, with its attractive pricing and rugged capability, made it a winner for us.’


The Datahawk PPK carries the highly regarded Septentrio Asterex L1/L2/L2/L5 with GPS, GNSS, GALILEO, BEIDOU and others. With the most advanced antijamming technology on the market it is integrated at a price point into the Datahawk that is placed well below the competition.


For UK and European customers within reach of QuestUAV training centre, it can make a big saving when entering the single operator, fixed wing, PPK market.


Droneflight also has a training division, DronePartners that is a CAA NQE and provides specialist inspection and PIX4D training.  The partnership will explore training opportunities for both companies.


QuestUAV is the longest running fixed wing manufacturer based in the UK.  They Design, Build and Fly small fixed wing unmanned aircraft (sUAV) that carries sensors including high-resolution cameras, infrared, thermal, multispectral and video surveillance.  Their network of clients spans across 6 continents and contains strong links with World-Leading Universities and Research institutions.

Or QuestUAV:

Telephone: +44 1665 479042


More information on Droneflight:


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DATAhawk PPK Starter Kit

QuestUAV unfold their Fixed Wing Drone Rental to Europe and USA

Business Expansion Unveils Extended Rental Service

QuestUAV have been hiring drone systems and sensors to a UK only market since 2013. However, for selected customers it is now expanding its rentals to include Europe and the United States. QuestUAV are offering Drone Rental from just £23 per day*

QuestUAV are market leaders in the drone industry. With a 10-year legacy and a vast drone knowledge they are aware of the capabilities of drones, whether it be fixed wing or multirotor. Many projects require a longer endurance and of a larger area coverage. QuestUAVs Datahawk packages are designed to be more efficient for Surveyors and Mappers and can now be rented in Europe and the United States.

DATAhawk PPK Starter Kit

QuestUAV drones are fixed wing drones. Fixed wing drones complement multirotor drones for a surveyor that needs a range of capability. Multirotor (eg DJI Phantom) have been available for hire for some time throughout UK and the rest of the world. However multirotor have limitations and HA coverage is the greatest limitation. Surveyors and Mappers have become increasingly aware that fixed wing drones are more efficient and can cover a larger area in a much shorter span of time.

Director Nigel King said ‘We have been doing this for years, we know how to overcome most of the problems and pitfalls of drone hire.  There are many challenges to overcome in the rental supply chain so the message is … choose your rental company carefully!’

Some Basic QuestUAV Rental Points:

  • Fixed Wing drone hire now available throughout Europe and the USA
  • Rental service with a larger range of models including PPK
  • Complete Systems available with Support, repair and replacement options
  • QuestUAV can progress UK PFCO multirotor users to become qualified fixed wing users within a day

With weekly, monthly or yearly hire available for fixed wing, the cost and potential of conducting a larger survey has just become more manageable. They also offer lease-purchase on some models.
QuestUAV also offer a ‘Fully Certified Drone Operation Team’ to assist in your aerial survey without the hassle, training, certification and insurance.
What they require of you is simply to look after the drone system, do what training is necessary, operate it safely and legally, and return it in good condition. In the event of damage or accident they have rapid repair facilities or replacement drone options.

QuestUAV is the longest running fixed wing manufacturer based in the UK. They Design, Build and Fly small fixed wing unmanned aircraft (sUAV) that carries sensors including high-resolution cameras, infrared, thermal, multispectral and video surveillance. Their network of clients spans across 6 continents and contains strong links with World-Leading Universities and Research institutions.

*based on a yearly hire contract

For further information please visit their Website and Rental Section.
Call: +44 1665 479042

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Keeping it Local

We are very lucky that our head office is located near such a community spirited town.  We jumped at the chance to be sponsors for Amble East Junior Football Team.


The young talented players were very happy with their new QuestUAV strips and enjoyed hearing about the UAV’s  when Nigel and Stuart King showed off the DATAHawk at the strip presentation and watched the team train.  We look forward to supporting Amble sports teams in the future.

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New Features to All QuestUAV PPK Products

New Features to improve GNSS and Inband Interference have been included in Quest UAV PPK Products.

Thanks to the new Septentrio high-performance, ultra-low GNSS receiver, QuestUAV can offer clients All-in-view multi-constellation and multi-frequency satellite tracking capabilities.  The PPK Package also carries the latest anti-jamming technology.

Quest UAV will take advantage of the Multi Constellation and Satellite Technology, appreciated by their Clients in the Southern Hemisphere.  The PPK System now includes support for GLO, BDS, GAL and IRNSS.

The new features will be included in our DATAHawk PPK Packages and Q200 PPK Packages

Contact Quest UAV to find out more

+44 1665 479042


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CSR Conference Dec 2017

Picture of Rescue Equipment Drone

A Newcastle based initiative is pulling together best practice methods for the use of Drones in Search and Rescue and in particular the Search and identification of lost people.

The Centre For Search and Rescue, (CSR), a Newcastle University based charity, has been focusing on the use of drones in SAR and has discovered a lack of connectivity between agencies using drones.

QuestUAV has been involved, along with many emergency agencies such as the Police, Coastguard, Mountain Rescue, drone manufacturers, US Rangers and Icelandic Snow Patrols, to learn how to understand how each other is using their Drone technology.

Earlier this year, CSR, QuestUAV and a number of SAR agencies pulled together on a Northumberland based exercise to help evaluate the scope of drones vs other search methods ( foot, dogs, manned aircraft etc). The outcome was positive and this article heralds the next step; finding out how other agencies are managing the various challenges that come with the integration of drones in the world of the first responder, MRT and SAR teams.

CSR hopes to engage in a significant piece of research that will make a real difference to the lives of First Responders and in return to the benefit of those person in distress that need Emergency Services assistance. 

CSR has quickly found that there is a lot of experience from current drone users out there, as well as many newcomers who are lost themselves as the best way to go when it comes to drone integration onto a team.  It is clear that a drone is another asset in the toolbox of an emergency team and it should not be seen as a panacea to other methods of searching.   

If you have something to offer, or want to know more then please contact us at QUESTUAV or

To read the Drone Exercise report click here

To visit the CSR website click here.


CSR Conference Pano
QuestUAV General Manager Presenting at CSR
CSR Paper Headers
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Winter Words of Wisdom


Whilst that white layer of frost can be eye catching, lower temperatures bring warnings for the drone operator.

We have tried to capture some of the most important points here;

  1. Crew Fatigue. Everything takes longer in the cold and that means everything gets colder again. Crew will want to chase along a little quicker and can be inclined to miss important things. Find ways to keep warm and, captains, spot the blue mist fogging up good decision making in your crew.
  2. Battery Performance suffers below +10C deg. Get to zero degrees and a LiPo can reduce its performance by 50%. Get to minus 10C and a LiPo can have nothing to offer. The good news is that once in use and flying, lipos generate their own heat. The skill is getting them warm enough before flight. We recommend keeping them on a car dashboard with the heat on. Or even body heat. Anything to keep their temps up before installing in the drone. Of course laptop batteries are different, but the laptop can still stay in a warm car as long as possible.
  3. Glues and tapes don’t stick. Glue might take a lot longer to set. Materials become brittle, propellers break more easily, rubber becomes harder and plastics become brittle.
  4. Snow and frost gets everywhere, especially on landing. It’s not a problem until warming happens, and that could be from the sun or from warm air. Snow becomes water and infiltrates places that might affect electrics. Have a big paintbrush to hand and after landing brush the snow off. Try and knock it out of the camera bay otherwise the next operation could have moisture on the lens.
  5. Camera CCDs don’t like the cold. If a CCD goes below zero it might stop working. Keep the camera warm before flight and spot the signs of CCD failure ( unusual colour densities in pictures, blurring and eventual blackout ).
  6. Servos reduce performance and ailerons hinges become stiff. Check you have a good performance before launching.
  7. Excuse the pun but dropping your nuts and small tools in the snow isn’t fun. You will only do it once!!
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Keep an Eagle Eye Out For Fakes

Keep an Eagle Eye out for fakes.

They don’t only come from China and they don’t have to come in the same colour as ours.

Unscrupulous former employees have set up a stall that looks just like a mini QuestUAV factory. They have copied our operation, methods, tools, used our IP and designs, claimed originality, hold a fake patent, have both our supplier and client database and are even contacting our clients directly in order to try and bring in their sales. Police and legal are/have been involved, but it’s a slow process.

The message is, if you want a fixed wing mapping drone that works and has the QuestUAV support and tech behind it, then speak to us. With a ten year heritage and multi million pound investment in the industry, we are the real deal.

If you are contacted by a company purporting to be our replacement and with an aircraft that looks strikingly similar to an original Datahawk V1 or offer QuestUAV repair services, then please contact us. We need to know. Despite what they might say, it is illegal.

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