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Mauritania Sees Survey Company CTG Provide New Drone Services

An established survey company is now providing drone services in Mauritania.  Consulting Training Group (CTG) Topographie, based in the capital city of Nouakchott, has taken the lead from one of our Senegal based clients operating in the mining sector.

Tijani with PPK Datahawk
Tijani with his DATAhawk PPK
Map of Mauritania, Copyright Planet Earth

CTG  is aiming to take on the challenge of a 40,000ha high-resolution survey in the Eastern Mauritania region using DATAhawk PPK. The sheer size of the project would make a normal drone survey with ground control an impossible task due to the immense number of ground control required and the difficult, barren terrain. Hence the 3cm to 6cm geospatial resolution capable with the QuestUAV PPK technology brings this opportunity closer to reality.

The companies director, Cheikh Tijani Hamed, received his DATAhawk PPK fixed-wing drone during his official drone training in the United Kingdom in February 2019.

Mauritania is one of Africa’s newest oil producers and is rich in mineral resources such as iron and ore.  Mauritania is in North West Africa and the eleventh largest sovereign state in Africa, bordered by Algeria, Mali, Western Sahara and Senegal.  The largely desert country presents a cultural contrast, with an Arab-Berber population to the North and black Africans to the south.  Many of its people are nomads.

CTG’s contact details are 126 Zone universitaire Nouakchott Mauritanie  TEL: +222 45292120 +22222377823

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Altus Crew Laughing

Altus-LSA Rapid Deployment of QuestUAV Datahawk

Altus Crew Laughing
Manolis (Altus LSA) Holding a DATAhawk

Greek Surveying Company “Altus-LSA” Reaching for New Heights with QuestUAV Datahawks

QuestUAV only had a small window of opportunity  to deliver a fixed wing survey and training solution for Altus-LSA in Chania, Greece, this year.

From receipt of their Purchase Order in Jan 2019 it took the QuestUAV team just 13 days to build, deliver and start training on a custom built DATAhawk system, in Greece. Within 2 days of arrival in Greece the Altus-LSA crew had become operational in all aspects of the Datahawk. The crew was lead by Manolis Batzelis at their Maleme Airport training site .

The company needed a DATAhawk survey drone to complement their current multirotor and single span fleet so that medium to large scale sites could be mapped and independent drone training offered to Altus-LSA clients.

Clients such as the Hellenic Police and civilian drone pilots are trained by the company.

Stuart King, the QuestUAV trainer commented on how  flight safety-centric the Altus-LSA crew were, borne of their considerable experience of operating in the drone world.

Altus-LSA are implementing VLOS, EVLOS and BVLOS long range operations with the QuestUAV DATAhawk.

Altus Whole Crew
Altus, QuestUAV and Datahawk

Dimitris of Altus-LSA said “thank you for the cooperation, the very short delivery time and the professional level of conducting business. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Chania and had enough time to practice your Greek!”   (Sadly our instructor Stuart barely managed “Yes,” and  “No”, but did manage “Μια ακόμη μπίρα παρακαλώ”  (another beer please!)).

Nigel King, director of QuestUAV said “This is a remarkable achievement on the behalf of everyone involved, and a hallmark of what QuestUAV prides itself on; rapid and competent delivery to the specification laid down in the pre-sales period. Altus-LSA were a joy to work with as new clients throughout the procurement and training phases.”

Altus-LSA (Altus Land Sea Air) experience and expertise extends to: land & maritime border surveillance, intelligence gathering, airborne ISR, environmental monitoring, natural disaster management, GIS applications, protection of critical infrastructure, SAR missions, and aerial target drone applications. the 15 strong team is led by Zacharias Sarris.

QuestUAV designs and manufactures 2kg to 6kg fixed wing mapping and survey drones in UK and trains drones pilots at its base in UK and on site around the world.

Altus Crew
Altus Crew in their Ops Van
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BGS Q200 Gas Launch

QuestUAV Survey Ilkley Moor Using Fixed Wing Drone

RGB Land Survey of Ilkley Moor using 8000+ Images to create 650 hectare pointcloud and ortho image

QuestUAV Ltd was commissioned jointly by Friends of Ilkley Moor and Bradford Council Countryside Service to undertake an orthographic survey of the Ilkley Moors in the UK.  The area of the Moor was approximately 650 hectare survey and QuestUAV used one of their Datahawk PPK fixed wing drones, equipped with a Sony RX100 RGB.

In ideal flying conditions and taking 11 hours to complete, the drone criss-crossed the moor 80 times covering almost 100 miles and taking over 8,000 overlapping digital photographs. QuestUAVs Pilots said that the moor was the largest area they had ever flown in a single day. The photos will be ‘stitched’ together to make both full vertical and 3D images of the moor.

Commissioned and funded jointly by Friends of Ilkley Moor and Bradford Council Countryside Service the survey is part of the Heritage Lottery funded Big Ilkley Moor Survey managed by the Friends of Ilkley Moor.

Ian Condliffe of the Friends said that the photography will help create a baseline map of main habitats and vegetation types on the moor, focussing particularly on the wetter areas. He added: “The high resolution of the photos and digital technology available these days will allow us to look at the photos using different light wavebands which will help identify and map the many smaller watercourses and footpaths on the moor. We also hope that computer software will enable young trees to be identified, mapped and counted automatically so that we can monitor what appears to be a growing number of trees on the moor’s lower slopes.”

QuestUAV are highly experienced and qualified drone services providers. For more information click on the link

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Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC): our latest Blue Chip client releases “Skies Without Limits”

PWC Report "Skies Without Limits"

Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) state in their latest report - Skies Without Limits; “that drones are becoming an increasingly familiar aspect of life and work in the UK today.”  It's a view that QuestUAV shares and it's no surprise that we have already carried out work alongside PwC using our small fixed wing drones. The gates are open to future business opportunities together. 

QuestUAV can rapidly provide absolute and verified accuracies of up to 3cm on large sites where traditional survey methods take much longer. 

The economic impact for the UK economy with such tools is significant and in "Skies Without Limits" it is conservatively estimated that £16bn in net cost savings can be made by the UK economy by 2030.

PwC refers to the Fourth Industrial Revolution  as the epoch we live in, with its accelerated innovations that help address some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. 

QuestUAV is working in partnership with Droneflight to bring a wider scope of drone capability including rotary (multirotor) to the PwC collaboration.  

The full report is at "Skies Without Limits"

Click here to contact us

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GET North Wings

DATAHawk part of The Great Exhibition of The North

DATAhawk at Great Exhibition of The North 2018
DATAhawk at Great Exhibition of The North 2018

QuestUAV DATAhawk is part of a popular exhibition in the North East

The Great Exhibition of the North 2018 starts next month. The Exhibition is a three-month celebration of the North of England’s pioneering spirit and the impact of our inventors, artists and designers. QuestUAV are invited to display the DATAhawk as part of the exhibition. This can be viewed at the Hancock Museum from 22nd June – 9th September 2018. QuestUAV are honored to be chosen as an influential manufacturer in the North East. Find out more about the Exhibition here.

Great Exhibition of the North is a free, summer-long celebration of the North of England’s pioneering spirit.

The country’s biggest event in 2018, it will pack a programme of amazing exhibits, live performances, displays of innovation, new artworks and unforgettable experiences into 80 days.

There are three starting points to our Exhibition. These hubs are connected by three trails. Each hub will host its own programme of experiences.

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GEO Business Show 2018

Can you spot yourself at the GEO Business Show?

We attended the GEO Business 2018 Exhibition this week at The Design Centre in London. We got to meet lots of interesting people and enjoyed sharing the event with our host Septentrio.

About the GEO Business Show

Showcasing 200 of the world’s leading suppliers of geospatial technology and service providers. Visitors can meet face-to-face with exhibitors displaying the latest in the geospatial industry including GIS data capture, laser scanning, photogrammetry, UAV’s, remote sensing, GPS and satellite positioning, cartography GIS and mapping based applications, 3D modelling and visualisation and land, building, utility, rail, hydrographic surveying equipment and services.

The next GEO Business will take place on 21-22 May 2019.  We hope that we will be able to see even more associates next year.  To find out more about this please visit GEOBusiness Website.

Ugandan Delegation visits QuestUAV Headquarters

Ugandan Delegation visits Quest UAV HeadquartersImage of Q200 Surveyor Pro Package

A Ugandan delegation recently visited QuestUAV in Northumberland. The purpose of the visit was to carry out an inspection of the Q200 drone mapping equipment they had purchased from Quest UAV.

An inspection team had been nominated by the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports. The team included representatives from Makerere, Kyambogo and Busitema Universities and was led by Mr Twesigye Boaz Collins of Benefit Worldwide Ltd.

Benefit Worldwide is a company invested in bringing new technology to researchers in Uganda. Makerere University delegates will receive training later this year in UK. The university team consisting of Moses, Michael, Joseph and Gregory.

The team also learned about the further considerations needed to operate a drone safely in Uganda. As a typical liaison visit, the group were picked up from the local train station, driven to the QuestUAV premises, and shown around the business, prior to the inspection and consultation.

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QuestUAV Survey Port of Sunderland using PPK Datahawk

An RGB land survey at the Port of Sunderland used 1400 images to create a 150 hectare pointcloud and ortho image.

sunderland, port,

QuestUAV Ltd was commissioned to undertake an orthographic survey for the Port of Sunderland in the UK.  The 150 hectare survey used one of QuestUAV's Datahawk PPK fixed wing drones, equipped with a Sony RX100 RGB camera capable of a 3cm resolution at 400ft.  The survey took one day to complete, including travel induction, risk assessment and setup of Trimble base station.

QuestUAV was chosen due to its ability to image relatively large areas of land in a short time and process to a high standard using professional techniques that can be verified using classical survey methods.  The QuestUAV team of two CAA qualified pilots chose two different sites for launch and landing to keep the drone visible always.

When airborne, one pilot acts as remote drone controller and one acts as commander with laptop and telemetry communications, at all times the drone is kept in visual sight by at least one member of the team.

One geolocated high resolution image is taken automatically every 2 seconds by the drone.  The total flight time was 1hour and fifteen minutes in which total of one thousand eight hundred images were taken of which one thousand four hundred were used for the survey.

The final processed results were given to our client three days after the completion of the flights.  Post processing came next with the generation of a point cloud and ortho model.  The resulting survey accuracy was within 5cm absolute accuracy, based on 12 check points from around the survey area.

QuestUAV has a professional survey team that has operated for ten years. The company also manufactures fixed wing drones for commercial survey use around the world.

Port of Sunderland Data Examples

Copyright QuestUAV 2018

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TAA Compliant

QuestUAV become TAA Compliant

TAA Compliant

Ministry of Defence Visit

After a quality inspection from the Ministry of Defence and The Defence Equipment and Support Agency, QuestUAV are now classified as TAA Compliant. What this means is that we have met all standards for RA1600: RPAS. We look forward to future work with the MOD and other government organisations.

About the MOD

They protect the security, independence and interests of our country at home and abroad. They work with our allies and partners whenever possible. Their aim is to ensure that the armed forces have the training, equipment and support necessary for their work, and that they keep within budget.

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QuestUAV showcasing on BBC One’s Countryfile

The episode with focus on the use of Drones in Search and Rescue. QuestUAV are also working with the Centre for Search and Rescue (CSR) and Northumberland NP MRT. This episode of Countryfile features QuestUAV’s primary pilot Stuart King acting as the drone operator.

QuestUAV joined the film crew from BBC Ones Countryfile along with Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team to showcase how drones can be implemented in a Search and Rescue mission.


Mountain Rescue Teams are considering Drones as a permanent tool as a classic search technique.  Stuart King, QuestUAV’s General Manager is part of the Northumberland NP Mountain Rescue Team so already has a hands-on approach and can see the benefits of using drones for Rescue Missions. With a thermal kit on board the drone can detect heat rays from anyone that may be stuck on moors or mountains and will improve the mission quickly getting an exact location of people in need of rescue.

Anita Rani Hosts the show along with Matt Baker and John Craven.  The episode will be aired on Sunday 6th May 2018 at 7pm. (BST).  This can be viewed live or on catch up on the BBC iPlayer App.  Make a note in your diary to tune in.


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