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Industry And Research Partners




Beijing Topcon Business and Trade Co., Ltd (BTBT) are our partners for exclusive UAS supply, along with training and maintenance support for all QuestUAV airframes across the Chinese market. Beijing Topcon (BTBT) is one of the region’s foremost surgical and medical equipment providers, has also spent the last few years providing positioning and survey systems and has consistently sought out the highest quality and most capable units available.


Industry Partner
Micasense and QuestUAV have worked together to bring better drone based agricultural products to the agriculture industry. Since Micasense released its RedEdge cameras, QuestUAV has integrated the sensors into its workflows and shared output with Micasense. Both companies look forward to the continued improvement of sensors for farmers and the agricultural industry in general.


Industry Partner
We have worked with Pix4D for three years to bring high quality, easy to use, orthomosaic construction for our clients. We are resellers of Pix4D and provide training in the product when bundled with our products. Pix4D uses our case studies on it's website
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Industry Partner
QuestUAV has worked with Agisoft for a number of years to bring high grade orthomosaicing functions to its clients. We provide professional training on Photoscan and use the product for the highest accuracy output, particularly with our high accuracy RTK/PPK solutions.


Industry Partner
CEFAS (Centre for Ecology Fishing and Aquaculture) has operated QuestUAV continually for three year, working within the nuclear industry and in particular at Hinkley Point where they are tasked with monitoring the effects of the build of the new power station on the local ecosystems and rivers. CEFAS has a fleet of QuestUAV, a professional flight team and operate on a weekly basis with their craft.

DOLE Industries

Industry Partner
QuestUAV has worked with Dole Phililpinnes since 2013 to bring effective drone based workflows to large scale plantations. Dole Philipinnes works primarily to produce pineapple and banana products for worldwide distribution.

Sony Corporation

Industry Partner
Having used and modified Sony sensors successfully for a number of years, we now look forward to operating more closely with the Corporation on B2B sensor design for UAVs and drones.

European Space Agency

Industry Partner
QuestUAV was chosen from all available commercial drones to be the system to monitor the route of the RAL/ESA funded Mars Rover over the harsh environment of the Atacama desert, Chile. RAL and QuestUAV worked closely in collaboration to bring the monitoring of the project to successful conclusion.
Newcastle University

Newcastle University

Research Partner
We have worked closely with the Geomatics department for four years, bringing UAV skills and equipment into the research cycle of the department. Sensor calibration and forestry have been particular studies for the department. the University is now becoming a supervisor for our upcoming EU project using hyperspectral analysis for agriculture.

Exeter University

Research Partner
QuestUAV has worked closely with Exeter University on a number of projects to bring unmanned technology into scientific study. The most significant was a Government TSB (Technology Board) project aiming to assess the quality and quantity of water in upland peat areas using cutting edge sensors that could be modified to be flown in a UAV.
GGP_Pineapple logo

Great Giant Pineapple

Agricultural Industry Partner
We have worked with GGP since 2015 to bring plantation inspection procedures using UAV in Indonesia. For a video on this project and the training conducted in 2016 see here.

Kaz Minerals

Mining Partner
Kaz Minerals have been a partner since 2015, when a lengthy process to get drone equipment in-theatre and past the tight anticorruption measures of Kazakstan. KAZ now operate a fleet of QuestUAV Q-200 Surveyors daily on their mining sites in Kazakstan.


Industry Partner
Optris has been a manufacturer of choice that we have worked with, using their radiometric thermal sensors to bring data to a number of research projects we have engaged in. Our research has focussed on achieving the best from the sensors for fixed wing aerial mapping, and then creating thermal orthomosaics following data collection.

University of York

Research Partner
Our collaboration set out to investigate polythermal glaciers in Svalbard using a QuesyUAV Q-200. Special pod design and special training was required to bring the project to an eventual success and the publication of its Research Paper.
University of Leeds

Leeds University

Research Partner
Leeds University have a focus on atmospheric research. A study group has worked with QuestUAV looking at the potential for fixed wing UAV to bring atmospheric readings and sensors closer to group analysis than ground or satellite methods could.

UHCL (University of Houston Clear Lake)

Research Partner
UHCL operate a QuestUAV "Aqua" on a weekly basis, monitoring wetlands throughout the year, no matter what the weather brings. Whilst we consider UHCL as a partner, the team has had little cause to involve QuestUAV as their equipment has performed faultlessly through its year of operation.

Benefits of Partnership with QuestUAV

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Partnership Benefits. The drone industry is a fast paced industry.  Strength and opportunity comes from the creation of good partnerships. and the sharing of IP.

Are you looking? We are. Contact us if you are interested.

Grow Faster, Stronger. Good partnerships allow two or more companies to grow faster, take more of a market share, develop new technology or alleviate pain.

Better Products. At QuestUAV we look to partner with companies that want to develop better products for their sector or company.

Brand Development. Let us help in the establishment or growth of your company.

Your Brand, Your Company

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Reseller Opportunities

We have a growing network of resellers around the world.

Our vision is to grow it further through our non-exclusive, global reseller agreement.

We provide equipment, training and support once a suitable agreement is negotiated.


Investors, Joint Venture, OEM Opportunities

These are all opportunities that we look to discuss and move on if the deal is right.

Develop Your Own Drone

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Research and Development.  QuestUAV has ten years comprehensive experience working in the research and development of fixed-wing Drones.  Our products and services are “Grass Roots” technology whereby they have been taken from concept and developed to satisfy market needs.

There has been collaboration during product cycles with many sources, influences and partners. However, primary creative direction and product success are down to the extensive ability of the QuestUAV team to take a product from concept to reality, aided by a partner with a clear need.

Innovate and Horizon 2020.  We have participated successfully in government sponsored projects under the Innovate (formerly TSB) scheme.  The EU-funded Horizon 2020 also features in our development of PHD students.