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The New QuestUAV Team

In response to market changes and the need to reduce costs, our business model changed at QuestUAV in mid 2017.  

We moved from workforce-intensive manufacturing to a leaner model that uses outsourced production, large-run methods and an on-demand workforce. This allowed us to improve quality control, significantly decrease overheads and manufacture lower cost, high end products, with the savings are passed directly onto the customer.  

Our growing on-demand workforce now constitutes over thirty drone specialists, builders, flyers, trainers, photogrammetrists, surveyors and admin/sales staff. 


The QuestUAV Management Team


Meet The Team |  Nigel King

Nigel King

Founder/Owner/Director Qualified Pilot
Nigel King has been the driving force behind QuestUAV since is first days as an aerial drone service company in 2008. Now the CEO and in charge of all aspects of the business, his vision is to continue providing robust and proven products and services to professionals in a global market. Nigel has considerable experience in the aviation industry, formerly being and RAF Pilot. Now with 40 years in aerospace related industries including unmanned aviation and aerial photography, he underpins the the heritage and maturity of the company as a leading civil supplier of small fixed wing systems. Nigel has grew the company to a workforce of 20 in early 2017, with a spread of premises in the North East of England.
Meet The Team |  Stuart

Stuart King

General Manager, Flight Operations and Training, Qualified Pilot
As general manager, Stuart oversees the overall operations of the business and is a key player in the new business model that introduces lower cost products without sacrificing any of the quality that QuestUAV is known for. Stuart also heads our flight team, is a qualified fixed wing pilot and is head of manufacture at QuestUAV. With BSc Information Technology for Business and former extensive experience in IT and Customer Support, Stuart is generally the face that everyone remembers after being with us for training. Stuart also completes foreign training missions having run missions in USA, South Africa and Indonesia.