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Heather Kerstin Working

We are always looking for self-motivated, enthusiastic and capable staff to join our team.

Skilled and unskilled.  Engineers, technicians, sales people, marketers, pilots who can act as trainer both in UK and abroad.

Currently all positions are to be located at our headquarters in Amble, Northumberland.  This will no doubt have an effect on whether you want to work for us or not.  Northumberland is a great place to live, to fly and to operate a business, but someone driving from the South of Newcastle may take over an hour to get here.  Think about this before you apply.

Because we are a small to medium sized business (20 employees) covering a broad range of skills and tasks, everyone has to be willing to do things that are outside of their primary job list. This can mean just about anything within your capability and within the rules of employment and health and safety.  Life certainly isn’t boring at QuestUAV.

Available Opportunities