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QuestUAV - A Mature UK Aerospace Drone Company  


About QuestUAV

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QuestUAV Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of small, fixed wing unmanned aircraft ( sUAV ) that carries sensors including high-resolution cameras, infrared, thermal, multispectral and video surveillance.

Our UAVs operate in the sub 7Kg category and benefit from a hand launch system that allows them to operate in a large range of territories and climates.


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Our network of clients span across 6 continents and contain strong links with World-Leading Universities and Research Institutions.

This close collaboration develops a stronger, more technical product that can supply many markets and in exchange, our research partners benefit from exclusive significant discount schemes.

Drone Manufacturer

Q200 Surveyor Pro

As a company that makes drones, QuestUAV has the knowledge, IP and equipment to design, manufacture and redesign fixed wing drones from raw materials right through to the finished article using a rapid design cycle and the ability to customise to client specification.

Our primary autopilot is manufactured in the UK which ensures export control is a simple task to all of the European Union and other partner countries.


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We provide product training, flying training and data analysis support (post processing) services.

This post-flight survey service allows customers to get closer to the whole purpose of UAV flight: data analysis from aerial imagery that allows high-quality orthogrammetry and photogrammetry to provide consistent and reliable scientific or survey mapping.


QuestUAV operates from its main headquarters in Northumberland, UK. We use several 400ha mixed crop precision farms for flight testing, training operations and research and development.


Benefit Scales

QuestUAV's drones are robust, easy to use, and have exceptionally low running costs. 

Our Q-Pod system uses a modular airframe construction that allows easy payload changes, allowing a wide variety of applications from one drone platform; including Survey, agriculture, research, DEM generation, plant vigour, surveillance and more.

Our drones employ Remote Sensing (RS), Earth Observation (EO), Satellite Data Replacement and Surveillance disciplines.



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