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Fixed Wing Drone Products, Applications and Services

 Drone Mapping Products

We provide a range of rugged, fixed wing, mappers.  Our drones are designed for continual use in all seasons, are tough and easily repaired, with quality, industrial sensors. QuestUAV has listened carefully to what small to medium sized industry needs and the result is the lighter easily transportable DATAhawk range and the larger, more competent Q-200 range.

The DATAhawk Range: a 2kg Range of mapping drones

  • Single operator, light, easily transportable,  easy operation
  • Accuracy of 3.2 cm over areas up to 350ha in a single flight
  • RGB, multispectral and thermal options
  • RTK/PPK option with cm-level position referencing.  No need for physical Ground Control Points.

The Q-200 Range: a 5kg to 6.5Kg range of mapping drones

  • Twin crew, large industrial applications, modular design to swap out sensor packs. Achieve larger surveys under the toughest conditions.
  • RTK/PPK option with cm-level position referencing.  No need for physical Ground Control Points.
  • Custom designs for extreme environments and water resource management

Services and Workflows

We provide a range of services to the professional industry, including contracted drone mapping services. Through our dedicated training school we provide a large range of courses that are customised to the specific needs and equipment of the end user. 

Image Processing - In order to reduce our clients' workload, we offer processing services by photogrammetry experts at our QuestUAV processing centre in the UK. Additionally, we provide training courses in the use of Pix4D Mapper, Agisoft Photoscan and other post-processing applications.

Manufacturer Training - A comprehensive set of courses with over 1000 hours of material that covers flight planning, operation and maintenance of commercial UAVs. Choose from a series of one to ten-day courses to fit your needs with an instructor at our training school located at our QuestUAV headquarters, UK.

Support -Training courses that empower operators to repair their drone in the field as well as a dedicated team to respond to any queries.

GIS Services - Learn about image interpretation, GIS and how to integrate aerial image analysis into existing workflows.

Research and Development

We design sub 7kg fixed wing surveying drones to operate your sensor to your specifications.  We pinpoint design issues, collaborate on solutions and create workflows that can either commercialise products or build IP as part of a research project. Our network of research and industry partners reaches across the globe. We connect with industry daily to participate in new designs.  A selection of examples:

  • RAL Space - Imaging in 3D large areas of the Atacama desert during trials involving the ESA / NASA Mars Rover.
  • South West Water / Exeter University - Measure and quantify the storage of water in peat based uplands using conventional and thermal imagery.
  • ORCA / DOLE - Gather and monitor survey data to set standards in tropical pineapple plantations.
  • British Geological Survey - Government sponsored “INNOVatE” Project to quantify trace gasses over farmland using laser imagery on a fixed wing drone.
  • United Nations / OSCE Pilot Study - Quantify the suitability of low cost fixed wing drones in the monitoring of the retreat of hostile forces from Ukraine.


"It's only not about Ease of Use, It's about CAPABILITY and DATA"  



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