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Tetracam ADC Snap

The ADC Snap is housed in the same package as the ADC Micro. It has the same weight, power consumption and interface connections as the ADC Micro. The camera’s major difference is that it uses a 1.3 MPel electronic global snap sensor. Unlike previous ADC systems, the ADC Snap exposes the entire image at the same instant in time. For this reason, this system does not experience rolling shutter problems. The ADC Snap’s exposure time is so fast that engineers in our labs use this camera to capture stop-action photos of fan blades on their desks. These stop action cameras operate at speeds comparable to industrial machine vision cameras.

Sensor Details

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The CMOS sensor in the ADC snap does not use a “rolling shutter” as do the CMOS sensors in other cameras of the ADC line. Instead, it uses an electronic global “snap” shutter. It also has much larger pixels and better NIR response. This means that the ADC snap does not have motion distortion in captured images, and that its’ exposure times are short enough to eliminate motion blurring in the image as well. Practically, this means that the ADC snap pictures can be taken at lower altitudes and/or higher speeds than the other cameras in the ADC family. The ADC Snap camera is ideal for use with fast or low-flying UAVs, especially fixed wing aircraft susceptible to pitch, roll or yawing problems. It also means that the images will be easier to time with various mosaic building software packages. The implementation of the global electronic shutter in the ADC snap sensor produces raw images(images coming directly off the sensor) that have not had dark current noise removed. This is done later, when the images are transferred to a host computer.

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