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QuestUAV Twin Lumix LX7 NDVI Solution

We have spent two years designing this low cost, rugged, high resolution imaging solution for NDVI, agricultural and archeological data analysis.

The solution provides true R and IR information from different sensors, providing the clean photogrammetric information required for vegetation anaysis processing. Combined with a 5cm resolution at 400ft this sensor provides a host of benefits for the agronomist and archeaologist .

Lumix LX7 Sensor Details (each camera)

True Resolution:10.1Mp
Aperture Range:F1.4 - F2.3
Max Shutter Speed: 1 second
ISO:80 - 6400 ISO
Image Quality: 82
Resolution (GSD): 5cm @400ft
Format:RAW, JPG
Image Stabilisation:roll and anti-shake

The twin camera solution ensures that light and nadir are captured at exactly the same time – a major flaw in single camera systems. This co-location of the two cameras on a single gimbal mount provides an excellent platform for high resolution data and accurate orthomosaic data for input into the genre of photogrammetric programs that can turn this data into vegetation maps and NDVI/ENVI solutions.

Whilst designed for xxVI photogrammtery, the system will produce straightforward high resolution orthomosaics, DEM, and point cloud generation.

This sensor can only be purchased as part of a package or individual Q-Pod that is an addition to a package.

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