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How long before we can take delivery?

A delivery can be ready in as little as a week if it is a standard package and the delivery is to a UK address. However for other parts of the world the export paperwork may take up to six weeks to complete. Also if the order is a custom order this can take up to two months to complete depending on what sensors require to be imported.

It’s a lot of money to put through an online shop. Is there any other way to pay?

Actually we very rarely take payment through our online shop for first orders. We normally end up in an email or telephone exchange and take money through a bank transfer only after an invoice has been created and issued.

So what is the normal process of a package purchase?

Normally customers make an enquiry through the website and then get into an email exchange as more detailed questions are answered. We issue a quote, then an invoice and normally take 50% deposit to start a build. Just before delivery we take the final payment and ship the order.

Can I just get the equipment without the training?

It’s not a wise decision. There is a lot to learn. Would you expect to drive a car without taking lessons? Or want someone else to drive a car without taking lessons? The training process start long before you ever meet an instructor. Online training is the first stage, then the hands on training phase with your instructors, and then follow-up training and support. Training will ensure that you are safe and your investment is safe in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Are there any export regulations that will stop us or slow us down?

Yes, there are export regulations. Exporting to Europe and places like Canada and Australia is an easy process. Africa and the Far East is a longer process to complete. Apart from an initial form that you are required to complete, we complete the rest of the process.

I’ve heard that exporting LIPO batteries is illegal. Is this right?

No this isn’t the case as long as the correct Air Transport rules are followed. We are skilled and used to this process and have all the paperwork and procedures in hand.

Can I bring my own laptop and not buy yours?

Yes you can for a small fee, but we still insist on providing a laptop that is dedicated to your system, if you are buying system. We have learnt from experience that introducing other laptops can cause software and hardware issues that takes days or weeks to solve and prevents the real training taking place. Talk to us if you have concerns about this.

Does everything come in one box?

If you order a typical package such as the Surveyor or Agri package the answer is yes. Everything comes neatly packaged in one rugged box that can be easily transported by air or ground. If you order extras or a custom solution then there may be extra boxes involved.

The UAV/drone does the flying and takes care of all the decisions. So we should be able to do it straight away, make a coffee, and relax whilst the aircraft does its work?

Not quite. This is why flying regulations are coming in across the world. Things can go wrong in the air for many different reasons. With a crew alert to what is happening with an aircraft, accidents can be avoided. If the crew is busy having a coffee and something minor goes wrong, how soon will it become a major problem and become a threat to other aircraft or people on the ground? Things do go wrong and we promote quality training and awareness to prevent accidents.

What are the big things that go wrong?

The biggest thing that goes wrong is the failure of customers to do their proper homework (preparatory reading) prior to coming for training. The result is that the start of training gets delayed and that extra time needs to be taken to assimilate a lot of information. This normally reflects over-confidence, complacency or laziness by a future crew.

The next major thing that goes wrong is the failure of customers to prepare a good, orderly maintenance and operations area in their office or business for the new equipment to be looked after and flight planning to take place. This is covered in preparatory reading, but some customers forget to do this.

The final thing that goes wrong is the failure of customers to prepare a good training field near their place of work. Again this is clearly covered in preparatory reading but again some customers don’t think that this is important enough to worry about. The result is always problems on their return home and a delayed progress to becoming properly operational.

Why should we buy from you?

Well of course you you don’t have to. But our customer service is second to none. A look at our comparison chart might help you make some decisions too.

We have to start on a major project in two weeks time and know nothing about Drones. This should be possible, right?

You should know the answer to this one already, but we still get these kinds of initial queries. The problem lies with other Drone manufacturers who make these kind of claims. The answer is a very clear NO. The pressure to complete an important task in a short timeframe always leads to unacceptable risks being taken by inexperienced crews.

We are planning a major trip to a remote location and we will be away for a month with little contact with the outside world. What should we think about?

Redundancy is the keyword here. There are a number of key equipment items that, if they fail, your operation will come to a halt. Talk to us about redundancy, spares, and advice. You may consider purchasing another complete UAV system or partial system.

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