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Thermal Q-Pod With Optris PI450 Sensor

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Thermal Q-Pod With Optris PI450 Sensor

The Next Level In Aerial Surveillance

Our Thermal Pod contains a Optris PI450 infrared camera that is capable of capturing and recording thermal imagery at full resolution.This pod also comes with license-free analysis software with intuitive user interface allow you to analyse and export your data in various outputs:

  • Radiometric video sequences (.ravi)
  • Radiometric snapshots (.jpg,.tiff)
  • Text files including complete temperature information for analysis (.csv, .dat)
  • Data with color information for standard programs such as Photoshop (.avi, .jpg, .tiff)

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Greater Possibilities

Thermal imagery opens a whole new dimension of surveillance options. Using this technology allows the user to quickly identify the range of different heat signatures being given off at the chosen survey area.

This make it a particularly good choice for industrial applications like pipeline inspections where “hot spots” can be detected at an early stage where breakdowns can be avoided and money can be saved.

Key Information

Material: High density EPP foam
Battery Capacity: Up to 10,000mah 11.1v Lipo
Recovery System: Belly land or parachute
Sensors: Thermal Sensor
Obtainable Data:
Upgrade Options: Parachute version

Agriculture and drainage/irrigation management can benefit greatly from this technology where high water land areas can be quickly identified due to their low level heat signature much more effectively than the naked eye.

As everybody knows thermal imagery is highly effective at identify human heat signatures thus making it an obvious choice for commercial security, law enforcement, fire fighting, crowd control and search and rescue applications.

High Stability With Precision Accuracy

Out the box our Thermal Pod comes with a non-gimballed robust sensor mount which is ideal for capturing high definition imagery while maintaining lifelong durability and protection to the sensors. However our this pod can be upgraded to include our custom built QuestGimbal that ensures all imagery is stabilised by using a highly accurate counteracting gyro stabilisation system. This provides the user with a range of options for data capture in varying weather/operating conditions. This will ensure that the data captured is best optimised for post processing using the our recommended software.

Pilot Control And Reassurance

The Surveyor Pod can also be provided with a parachute landing option that can make the general operation of the UAV considerably simpler for inexperienced users, or for landing in small spaces. The parachute is deployed through a switch on the pilot’s transmitter, giving the pilot control over exact time of deployment - a key factor in any successful UAV parachute deployment systems. The parachute can also be deployed as a safety function should the pilot consider that the UAV or the flight is in danger.


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