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With a QuestUAV Training in GIS and Image Analysis

The best and most sophisticated UAV equipment is of no use when, at the end of the flight, nobody can competently read the information behind an image. Image analysis can become quite a complex task, especially when multi-temporal and multi-spectral information is involved.

GIS Support GIS Training
QuestUAV Manuals Individual course recommendations
QuestUAV workflows Focused training plans tailored to a client workflow
QuestUAV support via email, phone and Skype Instructor-led classroom training

As part of the QuestUAV 360 Degree Customer Service, we provide training in aerial image interpretation and Geo-Information Systems (GIS) to support our clients’ strategic goals and mission success. Our service includes both GIS training courses and a GIS support hotline.


QuestUAV has many years’ experience with the interpretation of aerial images for various applications. We continuously expand this knowledge through close cooperation with our customers from different industries and via in-house research projects:

  • Agriculture
  • Surveying
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Surveillance & Security
  • Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

Nowadays customers come to us to learn about image interpretation, GIS and how to integrate aerial image analysis into existing workflows. To gain the maximum value of QuestUAV technology and systems we always adapt the training program to our customer’s current skills and needs.


QuestUAV offers a wide variety of training courses, from beginners through to professionals, to learn GIS software and to improve GIS skills and understanding in aerial image interpretation. We train our clients in the open-source software - QGIS. Advanced courses are also given in GRASS GIS, SAGA GIS and GDAL. Main training items are:

  • Essentials of GIS & Aerial Image Interpretation
  • Map Generation
  • Creating Workflows
  • Management of Spatial Data
  • Natural Color Images
  • Multi-spectral Images
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Multi-temporal Images

Get the most from your data. Contact us to get more information and book a training course.

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