Multiple Datahawk Delivery

DATAhawk fleet arrives in South Korea for large scale cadastral survey work

New fleet of Q-100 DATAhawks arrives in South Korea

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A fleet of DATAhawk mapping UAVs have arrived in South Korea, ready to perform mapping duties as part of an ongoing, large-scale cadastral survey mission by government departments.

A nationwide effort to create datasets that can be used by government and citizens looking to monitor and manage a wide range of land uses has been underway for some time

The DATAhawk fleet will bolster those efforts, with a flight time of up to an hour and a QX series imaging sensor giving a 3.2cm GSD – allowing fine ground details to be captured easily. The aircraft is easily launched by hand or from the AirDock system (seen below) and comes as standard with parachute recovery for landings.

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