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Beijing Topcon Business & Trade

“We are always looking to expand our range of imaging products, we have a desire to discover products globally that meet our and our customer’s needs”

“We were keen to learn about QuestUAV both before and during our UK training, but it was wonderful to find that the quality of staff and equipment was very high”

“We have some very experienced technicians available across the region and we are looking forward to working with QuestUAV to influence the UAS landscape in China”

Texo DSI

"QuestUAV were extremely helpful in training me and ensuring that I had the knowledge of the Q200- PPK platform prior to practical and post processing training thereby increasing the learning speed during the entire training period"

"Stu was very good at getting his point across in a calm and precise manner making it easier to get to grips quickly with the Q200-PPK"

"Overall we are very happy with the training and the whole teams friendly approachable manner, it was a well delivered training course with Stu offering valuable insight to the platform thus ensuring a smooth transition from rotary to fixed wing"

- James


"With our background from the aviation industry, we recognise and value the quality of the system, manuals and professional attitude by the people at QuestUAV."

- Fredrik Nerdal


"Great hands-on experience. Training took us from novices with little to no experience to a level where we are now confident of successfully planning and executing our science missions. Looking forward to more flights and increasing our competence levels “

- Mathew

"The training was very good. We had a thorough understanding of the safety checks that were needed before the aircraft was airborne. After that, we could manage to fully plan a mission and create it perfectly. Flying under British weather will certainly prepare us for almost any kind of weather we will face. Keep up the good work!"

- Luca

"Plenty of hands-on training with the UAV, which proved to be very effective. We have all gained experience in different aspects of UAV operations including piloting and commanding, launching and preflight and base checks. This has given us a good basis for carrying forward our UAV operations in Saudi, although continued experience/currency will be essential!"nbsp;

- Rasmus

Marine Science Support Ltd

"We have been both customers and subcontractors of QuestUAV over the last few years and have always found QuestUAV to be exceptionally knowledgeable and approachable. The QuestUAV team are constantly developing their products and have always been on hand to provide assistance and answer queries quickly."

"We are commercial UAV operators and are very pleased with our QuestUAV Q-200 Surveyor, we found the purchasing process and especially the training from the QuestUAV team to be professional, efficient and particularly enjoyable."

"Whilst working alongside QuestUAV on commercial jobs, we have first-hand experience of their technical ability and scale of flying operations possible with long-range flying capability covering huge distances with both roving pilots and remote observers. We would highly recommend QuestUAV, not only for the excellent products, but also their approach to client interaction, training and commercial service provision."

- Dr Roger Phillips, CEO

Salus UAV

"The first time I spent in the manufacturing area, I felt a bit inhibited being exposed to the heart of the company, but quickly made friends there."

"With QuestUAV its about learning UAV’s from the bottom up. During training, you get under the skin of the company and that makes the difference. You work with the people that actually make the UAVs and you feel part of the crew. Out in the field it was a relaxed but held in a well controlled environment."

"I would certainly recommend QuestUAV to anyone who needs to know about fixed wing and how to operate them. They were more than happy to listen to our ideas, and that is important to us."

- Anthony Lawrenson & Don Evans

Manchester University

"Excellent instruction in the field. Good knowledge of UAV and software always able to answer our questions. Great coverage of all the aspects of flying a UAV and processing the data. Friendly and approachable instructors who provided excellent instruction on all aspects of flying a UAV and data processing"

- Laura Edwards

"Really clear information and explanations. Very informative. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. Lots of handouts/documentation, which we can refer back to at a later date. Really good practical help in the field. Excellent two days training. Really helpful instructors who helped us gain confidence in flying the UAV. Cant wait to go back and try it out for real!"

- Angela Harris

University Of Cologn

"The flight training fully met my expectations. Teaching was hands on with lots of flying from dependence to full independence. We got customised advice on flight planning for our planned research in the Atacama Desert. The spirit of the company was very cheerful and we were warmly received by the active crew and we felt very much at home. We are leaving amble with confidence to achieve our goals with our new QuestUAV."

- Prof. Dr. Tibor Dunai

"I came to QuestUAV to learn everything about our ordered QuestUAV 300. We learnt very much about the software to prepare the flights and to work with the taking pictures. We also learnt how to prepare and fly in the field I was really happy to go here. The people of the company are very familiar and helped us very much. We learnt very much and I’m looking forward to using our new skills. It was the best idea coming here to learn it is very nice and effective. It was a good time."

- Andreas Vogt

"So first of all flying with a UAVwas my first and an impressive experience with flying plances on my own. The QuestUAV training was very serious familiar and interesting with special focus on how the UAV acts as an airplane when confronted with wind, mission aims and changing circumstances. Furthermore, easy and understanding flight planning and training was very perfect and easy to apply on our own mission. The results from the mission are amazing and we are looking forward to make our own pictures and DEMs in the Atacama desert, Chile.

Thanks to the whole QuestUAV team for a familiar and interesting training and the possibility to now use the UAV. Great experience!"

- Benedikt Ritter

CEFAS - Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science

"Our learning curve has been steeper than a manual take-off. Nigel and the Quest team have force-fed us the knowledge and skills we need to begin our UAV experience in record time. Now I feel that our team can take the next steps under our own steam, especially knowing that Quest are always on the other end of a telephone when we need them.

I want to say thank you again for an excellent training experience. The volume of learning you crammed into us in a short time was amazing. You’d understood our needs and targeted our training accordingly, both in terms of the course as a whole and each of the four trainees. The amount of work we now have to do is somewhat intimidating but I feel that we’re equipped now to develop our capability.

I also want to say thank you to you and everyone at Quest for making us so welcome. You went above and beyond professional courtesy and made us feel instantly at home in Amble and it’s much appreciated."

- Dean Foden

"Well-structured training course with a specific focus on our needs and development profile"

- Tony Dolphin

"I really enjoyed my QuestUAV experience. The product was amazing to see in action. Nigel and the team were extremely professional and incredibly hospitable. The structure of the training really got you thinking about each section properly whilst drawing upon the lessons learnt in the previous."

- John Bignell

"Nigel and the Quest team have created a training program that hits all the right spots on what is a steep learning curve. Very relaxed but focused teaching, making our team think about our future scenarios already. The next steps for our journey are now defined and will be taken with less trepidation than originally expected."

- Stephen Clarke

SKEYE BV - Aerial Survey and Inspection

"The training was really clear and we were lucky with the weather. It was a good sunny day with some wind, ideal for training with the UAV.

The flying was much easier than expected! We did a lot of different training and that was perfect to learn as much as possible. I was really happy with the fact that if you asked something you always got an answer. This was helpful as I am new to the UAV flying business.Thanks for everything,"

- Sebastiaan

"The training at QuestUAV is very thorough and detailed. I was impressed at the level of completeness of all the documentation and checklists. Out of all the UAVs that we operate and received training for, this was by far the best one. We are very confident after the training that we can operate our new Quest 300 safely in challenging conditions."

- Pieter Franklin

Coastway - Chartered Land Surveyors and Geospatial Engineers

"I found the training to be very hands on, a thing which I find to be most important when training on new equipment over the years. Having Nigel’s experience in the air and the combined wealth of experience of the Quest staff provides a great knowledge base to draw upon. Nearby access to a large training ground and good classroom facilities made the experience both informative and enjoyable. I have come away with confidence and cannot wait to start flying our new Quest UAV."

- Liam

University of Copenhagen, Department of Geography and Geology

"The course gave us a very good introduction to the flight planning, checks and the security related to the QuestUAV. Most of the time was allocated to actual flight training in the field which worked out very well to both pilot and commander to be more comfortable with UAV and the base station respectively. During all sessions there was focus on communication and team work between the pilot and the commander. I think the course has given us a very good base for operating the QuestUAV at ourselves. Last but not least, I think the QuestUAV staff have been very helpful to help us through the course."

- Rasmus Jensen

"QuestUAV provided the flexibility in terms of cameras and instrumentation that we were after to obtain high quality spectral data for our research. During the three days training course the dedicated staff at QuestUAV provided us with the qualifications to operate and control a UAV. Processing of test data was done under instruction by competent staff. I was impressed with the performance of the UAV as well as with the logic and functionality of the software."

- Thomas Friborg

"Fantastic with all the hands-on training. New tasks came with a proper speed. Nice staff. Felt both safe and challenged in the field, Quest adapted to our needs and wishes."

- Helene Hoffmann Munk Nielsen

University of Southampton

"The training course provided by the Quest UAV team is comprehensive, clearly delivered and thorough. The course covers the fundamental aspects of operating and flying a UAV from preparing the UAV for flight through to a successful landing. The course is intensive and we felt that both pilot and commander finished the training with a good understanding of their respective roles.

The Quest team were friendly and exceptionally helpful in explaining the hardware and software components of the UAV. Many useful hints and tips were picked up through discussions with Nigel and colleagues throughout the training course."

Triple20 - Eagle Eye

"It was an intense experience to have Nigel 10 days with our newbie crew in the Philippines. 10 days sound much but time flies (sorry for that one) as you experience the multiplicity of operating an UAV. Quest provides a 360° degree approach including hardware, software, skills and organisation. We benefitted from the total commitment of the instructor and the Quest team working behind the scenes and were truly impressed by Nigel’s ability to think with you, recognising your needs and limitations and then looking for the best solution rather than giving a standard training."

- Phillip Hansmann

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