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Reseller Benefits

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Grow Your Business.  Becoming a QuestUAV Reseller is a great opportunity to grow and develop your UAV/Drone industry. You have access to the whole world to sell our products and services.

Income from Products.  Resellers receive discounts on all drone products that we manufacture, including spares.

Income from Services.  One of the biggest incomes for a reseller is from Manufacturer Drone Training.  Once you know how to professionally train your customers to the QuestUAV standard you will receive a large income on every sale of training.

Participate in Global Enterprise. Join TeamQuest with its vast network of partners and technical specialists, and years of experience in the UAV / Drone industry.  Get exposed to larger projects, opportunities and enterprises that focus in your country or industry.

Reseller Training. Every reseller receives training in a range of skills.  Some of this will happen with QuestUAV in the UK, some in your country at your premises.




Reseller Requirements

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Commitment to Learning. Becoming a reseller is an exciting event. It requires time and commitment from a team to learning new skills and procedures. Expect it to take three months to become effective and one year to become fully established.

A Current Network of Leads.  QuestUAV needs you to have a healthy network now that will provide opportunities in your sales pipeline in the future.

A website. We need you to be able to reach your customers and advertise the QuestUAV brand well. 

Formal Business Premises and Flying Site. You will need to prove that you have an established business and at least one good flying site that demonstration and training can take place at.

Visit QuestUAV in the UK.  Your training will require you, or your staff, to come to the UK to meet key staff and to receive training at QuestUAV headquarters. 

Agree to the QuestUAV Reseller Agreement.  We have a standard reseller agreement and negotiations will modify this to fit the best win-win scenario you and us.   There will be an agreed level of sales in the first year, with discounts appropriate to the business model. 


How to Apply

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  1. Get the Pre-Reseller Agreement.  Contact us for it.
  1. Check Requirements.  Read the pre-reseller agreement carefully and see if you fit our requirements.
  1. How Long?  Expect to hear from us within a week. We will talk or skype. If accepted we aim to have you selling your first units within two months.
  1. Cost?  Initially, we expect you to purchase two UAV units and to cover the cost of your manufacturer and preliminary reseller training.