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Meet The Team |  Nigel King

Nigel King

Founder/Owner/Director Qualified Pilot
Nigel King has been the driving force behind QuestUAV since is first days as an aerial drone service company in 2008. Now the CEO and in charge of all aspects of the business, his vision is to continue providing robust and proven products and services to professionals in a global market. Nigel has considerable experience in the aviation industry, formerly being and RAF Pilot. Now with 40 years in aerospace related industries including unmanned aviation and aerial photography, he underpins the the heritage and maturity of the company as a leading civil supplier of small fixed wing systems. Nigel also writes our Expertise Articles, authors many articles and contributes to our blog.
Meet The Team | Ruairi

Ruairi Hardman

General Manager, Qualified Pilot
Ruairi primarily executes the Sales and Marketing strategy, dealing first hand with QuestUAV contracts and clients. Ruairi is also general manager and qualified fixed-wing pilot, dealing in the absence of the CEO with team management, Customer Support, Receipt and Dispatch, Research and Development, Technical Sales and Foreign Training. Ruairi has a degree in Industrial Design and Biological Sciences from Lancaster University. Ruairi is married to Emma and has a son Theo.
Meet The Team |  Stuart

Stuart King

Flight Operations and Training, Qualified Pilot
Stuart heads our flight team, a qualified fixed wing pilot and is head of training and testing at QuestUAV. With BSc Information Technology for Business and former extensive experience in IT and Customer Support, Stuart is generally the face that everyone remembers after being with us for training. Stuart also completes foreign training missions having run missions in USA, South Africa and Indonesia. Stuarts interests are Climbing, Mountain Biking Instructor and is a Mountain Rescue Team member. Stuart is married to Lisa, with two children, Jess and Jack. Stuart is also a writer for our blog.
kerstin beach

Kerstin Traut

Post Processing Coordinator, DroneGirl
Kerstin has been working with QuestUAV for almost three years, firstly delivering agricultural services to clients in the Philippines and then as an employee of QuestUAV bringing GIS and data services to the business. Kerstin loves working on the PPK project as it distills all her skills into an application that has real benefits in agriculture and surveying. Her recent work has included technical breakthroughs bringing the two year RTK/PPK project to conclusion with a highly respected white paper and commercial product. Post Processing and working with clients is also her thing! Kerstin also writes QuestUAV Case Studies, on subjects as broad as Coastal Erosion, Safety in Mining, and the use of Multispectral Sensors in Agriculture. Kerstin has a degree (Master of Science / Geo-Informatics) from Jena University in East Germany.
Meet The Team |  Jo

Jo Harris

Marketing Coordinator, DroneGirl
Jo orchestrates the Marketing at QuestUAV as well functioning part time at Sales and Account Management. Jo comes from a Software Development background; she was Project Manager and Business Development Manager in her previous roles. Jo also brings with her a UAV background and follows the drone industry. With a Degree in Business Development and Marketing, HNC Business Development, NVQ in Business, IT and Retail and PRINCE2 trained, Jo is exceptionally well skilled to head up the Marketing Department.

Donna Howstan

Administration and Accounts Manager
If you ever ring anyone in the business other than the sales team, Donna is the person you are likely to talk to. Donna keeps the business running when everyone else has either given up from exhaustion or gone home. Administration, paperwork, exporting, payroll, HR, keeping the boss organised, diary, meeting visitors. Donna does it all. Donna has been with the company for 5 years, has a Degree in Business Studies, and would love to retire. We won't let her though! Donna is shy and is hiding in the picture, but she is there behind the Drone Motor if you look closely.
Meet The Team |  Cameron

Cameron Weeks

UAV Engineer, Qualified Pilot
Cameron, with his extensive experience in the remote control world and all things electrical, works deep in the Research and Development team, solving complex issues in a remarkably calm manner. Cameron is a key member of the Flight Testing Team and assists with Customer Training. Cameron has years of experiences with multirotor drones and a generally has a vast knowledge of the technical workings of drones. He once had a pint with Prince Andrew.
Meet The Team |  Francis

Francis Thompson

UAV Designer/Flight Operator, Qualified Pilot
Francis has a Degree in Design for Industry from Northumbria University and previously was the Designer for Versadrones Aerial Imaging Technology. Francis is also a fully qualified RPAS Pilot.
Meet The Team | Carla

Carla Taylor

Sales Coordinator and Account Manager, DroneGirl
Carla assists clients in purchasing the correct UAV and assists them throughout their QuestUAV experience through quality Account Management. Carla has a BTEC Foundation Degree in Art and Design (3D Design) but has pursued an Account Management career in Banking, Web Development and Promotional Merchandise before settling at QuestUAV.
Meet The Team |  Stefan

Stefan Frizzel

IT Systems Administrator
Stefan oversees all of QuestUAV’s IT issues, supporting staff and clients. With a BSc Computing Science; Specialising in Algorithm Design, Artificial Intelligence in Games, Advanced Graphics, Interaction Design and Mobile Development, Stefan is also a qualified Judo Instructor and Lifeguard.
Meet The Team |  Callum

Callum Hewitson

UAV Support Technician, Qualified Pilot
Also in the build team, flying team and online training. Callum is a fully qualified RPAS pilot. With Level 3 Diploma in Engineering, Callum is also a volunteer for his local Lifeboat Unit.
Meet The Team | Heather

Heather Ainsworth

Marketing Assistant, DroneGirl
Heather Assists with all things marketing At QuestUAV with her speciality being in social media marketing, content generation and front end web design. Degree qualified in Business and Marketing, with full IDM certification in Direct and Digital Marketing, Heather is a Northumbria University alumnus. Always abreast of the latest digital marketing knowledge and techniques, she even has training from Google!
Meet The Team | Steve

Steve Surtees

R&D, UAV Manufacturer
With extensive construction and engineering experience, Steve heads up the Research and Development team bringing all our drone development projects to a timely conclusion. A keen multirotor and drone enthusiast, Steve is also has roles in Stock Control and Ordering, UAV Construction, CAD and Design.
Meet The Team |  Shimmy

Shimmy Leszczynski

Wingmaster, CAD, R&D, Manufacturer
With extensive skills in the cutting and manufacture of EPP foam Shimmy has key skills in the design of our rugged drones. A keen eye for graphics and design, backed by CAD skills, means that the Graphic Design and Livery that QuestAUAV is famed for, generally is lead by his handiwork and direction. He also leads product developments and has had a huge input into the design of the DATAhawk. Shimmy is multilingual and knows English, Polish and German.
Meet The Team |  Adam

Adam Horton

UAV Manufacturer
Construction, Mini Builds, Receipts, Dispatch. Adam is one of our lead Manufacturers, specialising in the build of Q-Pods, he is also QuestUAV's handyman. Adam has recently become a new Dad to baby Rose.
Meet The Team | Ryan

Ryan Hedley

Assistant UAV Manufacturer
Ryan is responsible for general UAV Construction. He specialises in essential MiniBuilds. Ryan has an NVQ in Business, Level 2 Engineering.
Jessica King

Jessica King

Flight Records, DroneGirl
Jessica is a part time assistant that assists her dad, Stuart King, with the task of documenting and recording every flight that takes place in the company. As a true QuestUAV DroneGirl Jess wears her hat and T shirt with pride. Jessica is granddaughter of the CEO, Nigel King.